Saturday, November 6, 2010

One little week with a WHOLE LOT in it.

Sorry I haven't been around this past week, darling readers. It's been a real doozy.

Monday and Tuesday I had my Norwegian tests downtown. The Norwegian tests that are run/mandated by the government and are a way to help employers/schools see how far their potential employees/students have come since their immigration into Norway. There are three tests; levels 1-3.

I took level 2.

On Monday, I had a three part exam that compromises the "written" section of the level 2 exam. First I, along with maybe 50 other immigrants from two combined counties gathered together to first do a listening exercise where we heard various scenarios and what-have-you's that we answered responsive questions to. It took about 30-minutes.
Then we did a reading comprehension exercise where we had to read four different and separate text examples then answer questions about them. That took another hour.
Finally we had an essay writing portion taking another ninety minutes or so.

Tuesday we all showed up and were paired off randomly to have the oral part of the exam that only took about thirty minutes.

I feel pretty good about both sections and all parts of the exam. Let's just hope I passed all elements cleanly and can have that level as one of my achievements since we've moved!
Also, I've heard that the level 3 exams are REALLY, REALLY difficult. They're being given after the New Year in our town...but I'm not sure I'm ready...I guess in an odd six weeks when I get my results back from Oslo we'll see!


And the big news from this week, Thursday morning specifically....ready for it folks?



I couldn't be more happy. The Weegies may have taken my Washington state driver's license away when I first started this process at the beginning of the year, but at least I now have an official, super new and awesome driver's license for the country I live and love in.
Neat thing about my Weegie license compared to my previous State-side licenses?
It doesn't expire until 2085. On my 100th birthday.
And that's how they all are here. And aside from having a little (USA) on the back with the official international-license-transfer code, it's just like my native Husbands.
Can't help but be proud of myself.
One step closer to me feeling and being like real and normal, adult Norwegian citizen.

Finally, this week I also got my year two visa applied for and renewed. Once all my forms come back in the post in the next few weeks I'll be fully legal and clear to stay until the end of 2011.

Though this week was SO BUSY that it wasn't even funny for a little while there, and I had bags under my eyes from being sleepless because of stressing over how my tests (all three days worth!) would go...I'm glad I stuck it out and got everything done.

This upcoming week, I just have the usual school schedule to endure. And that, is definitely do-able.