Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Long-Overdue Little Saturday in Photos

It all started with a little casual shopping for the necessities like nasal spray for my amazing eternal congestion and necessary doggy-rawhides for the 'kids'...

Check out our mall's creepy-ass Christmas displays they have everywhere!

This big guy standing outside is the biggest creeper, complete with nodding head function. He'll haunt my dreams...

The Hubs got a much needed, pre-birthday hair-cut...

Some crazy awesome, greasy pizza was on the dinner menu...

My mystery plant that was donated, more than half-dead by my MIL, opened the first of its' "flowers" today. WTF IS THIS JURASSIC-LOOKING CREATURE?! Anyone?

And cosy little family movie night to wrap up the day, me, the Hubs and my sister-in-law.

I meant to post about Thanksgiving, but didn't get that far, obviously. Truth is, I've been down for the count since approximately Wednesday with a monster of a Weegie-cold. I usually get some super great (pretty much genetically pre-disposed) sinus congestion between once and three times a year. It sucks, and I hate it, and end up on nasal spray for the better part of two weeks. (I know that's not optimal, please no lectures folks. I know what works for me, and literally, nasal spray a couple times a day becomes the ONLY thing that enables me to breathe after a certain point. The netti pot rocks and helps clean out passages obviously, but my congestion is the stuff of legends.
Anyway, I had a fever earlier this week and nausea to boot. Those Weegie strains of cold/flus this season are no joke.

So regardless of my hacking, sneezing and general feeling of disgustus maximus, I managed to single-handedly crank out a nine pound turkey stuffed with fresh veggies, the traditional sweet-potato topped with marshmallow dish, some amazing Stovetop (courtesy of a care package from my Mommy!), a giant pot of mashed potatoes, a green bean/crispy onion casserole (100% from scratch! : I made my own soy-based cream of mushroom soup, and used fresh green beans!), apple crisp dessert (from scratch again too!), two kinds of gravy and some bangin' soft rolls that my MIL picked up on her way home.

For my first solo Thanksgiving, out of the States even, I can't help but be pretty proud of myself.

How many of you fellow expats around Europe staged your own Thanksgiving with what you had to work with?

The Hubs has a birthday tomorrow, and I'm attempting a bizarre Weegie cake that is one of his favs, along with a smoked ham roast (also high up on the fav. list.). Wish me luck!