Sunday, November 14, 2010

She's so boring.

I am alive.

Just boring.

Now that I have conquered the long-looming, many-fanged beast that was compromised of: my Norwegian exams, closing the book on the fiasco that was getting my driver's license here in Norway, and processing my visa renewal....the normal, daily-grind type pace I'm at just now is rather pleasant.

But doesn't make for such awesome blog content. unfortunately.

I don't mean to disappoint! At least I'm not finished with the book meme I started forever ago...let's get through it, shall we?

Coming up tomorrow, btw: our dog's first visit to the vet since moving. If you enjoy tales of dramatic, screaming terriers with four-paw brakes, and brave, small, fluffy dogs, I'm sure you'll enjoy it immensely.


Day 18 - Favorite beginning scene in a book 


Obviously there are so many books and authors that manage to grab hold of you within that first page, but for whatever reason, I just automatically thought of one of my absolute favorite books of all time (in the top 10, definitely!) when I got to this question:

I think it's just with that shiny, child-like optimism of that first entry of this book that makes you almost grimace thinking of what's to come for Jonathan Harker...because even if you're reading for the first time, you have at least some idea of what he'll actually be up against once he gets to the castle.
For any of you who have yet to actually read this classic (DO IT NOW.), the book is formatted and told entirely in journal/diary form by the various and many characters. The first entry is by Jonathan Harker, the first to meet the Count's acquaintance, in his own castle no less.

What first scene/page/chapter comes to mind when you think back on best opening scenes?