Thursday, December 16, 2010

All I want for Christmas is you...and these.

Well folks, it's officially one week only to the big day! Christmas 2010 has just FLOWN face-first if you ask me! I feel like it was only a week or so ago that we landed in Norway and celebrated our first really did come so fast, this whole year did!

So I don't usually have a wish list, because (I feel like anyway) I'm pretty easy-going as far as gifts go, and don't want much specifically! The past couple of years especially I've been trying to resolve to remember the reason for the season, and that God gave us all the greatest, coolest gift we could ever comparison, anything we could receive from loved ones pales in comparison!
This year, I put together a few things that I really have been wanting this year, and I promise I've been good this year!

- Super cute new headphones
- The new complete Daria boxset(!)
- A home jewelry cleaner

...and not things officially on my Christmas list being: a sweet job and house for the Hubs and I!

What's on your holiday list this year?