Friday, December 3, 2010

I Heart Cee-Lo.

I think starting a song of the week tradition here on LIO is pretty much the best idea since toast.

And I love toast.

So starting off with a bang, here's the jam I pretty much have in my head 24/7 these days. Also, I can assure you, that the album the following song comes from, is totally amazing and diverse and just plain sweet. You should all most definitely check it out for yourself.

Disclaimer for this song, and the album: If you're offended by swearing, especially the "f bomb". You probably won't care for it.  There isn't really anything to speak of as far as 'inappropriate content' on the entire album, but yes, there is swearing. As evident by the title of the song of the week. That being said...

Sorry, Mommy!
(I feel like I can hear the "Kirstin, language!" comment all the way from over here...)

Aside from starting this super awesome 'song of the week' tradition, we've just been trying to keep warm and prep for the holidays. Tonight my little sister-in-law has her winter ball and I'm on hair/makeup duty which promises to be adorable and super fun. Who doesn't like helping a thirteen-year-old pretty up for a formal school dance? I'm pumped.

Are you all ticking things off of your Holiday checklist yet? Here's mine as of today:

-My goal is to get the two Christmas packages for my family in Nebraska and Washington (respectively) out in the post tomorrow so I won't have to worry about them being too late for Christmas.
-Christmas cards are all bought and I'm almost done addressing and writing them, they'll be going out soon too. After I get some address info from my Mommy via e-mail, cards will be set to go.
-Holiday shopping for the Weegie-family is almost totally done(Stateside family is totally done), the last couple of folks we haven't bought for, we have goals of being done within a week and gift ideas are in place.
-My yearly baking extravaganza will rev up in the next week, just in time for me to whip out a batch of something tasty for my classmates at Weegie class. (Last day of school is the Wednesday before Christmas)
- In the next couple of weeks, I'm dead set on making the 1.5-2 hour drive up to the little town that the Hub's father's side of the family is settled in to visit with Besten (the Hub's paternal grandfather), who isn't in the best health anymore, and a widower as of two years ago, so we can check in on him. I was thinking of making a nice big dinner for the three of us to help give the Husband's aunties a little break, since they are the ones given the task of daily care for their Dad. With the state of dead winter rolling in, the little mountain road up to this town will not be safe for much longer, we gotta get going if we want to have a pre-Christmas visit!
- The Husband has his company's Christmas party a week from today, and I just got my outfit for this semi-formal affair bought and figured out...only remaining thing: the perfect shoes.

Anyway, other than the beautification process I'll be starting with the sister-in-law in the next few hours, I'm just trying to be a diligent as possible with going to my Weegie classes so I'll clock all 300-required hours mandated by the department of immigration before Christmas break. That way, I'll be in the clear to get a full-time job, and get the Hubs and I our own house asap.

oh, and p.s. - something crazy? Today officially, I have been in Norway for an entire calendar year. Knowing I haven't seen my family, or been in the U.S. for over a proper calendar year, is literally mind-boggling.