Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE 2011...

Tomorrow is already New Year's Eve, and we'll all be ringing in 2011 in our respective time zones.


I know that my life has been SUPER busy in the past year, and all kinds of crazy things have happened, but I still feel like 2010 just flew by without warning.

Anyway, in fairly anticipated fashion, I thought I would share some neat things that I've accomplished in 2010, and some goals (let's not damn them by calling them "resolutions") for the coming year...

What are you proud of, and what do you hope to achieve in 2011? Please share!

Awesome stuff I'm proud of:

1.  I received my Master's degree in August 2010. I'm glad I stuck out the program and finished, no matter how busy, stressed and crazy it made me at times...and honestly, I would start my doctoral program now if I could.

 2. As of February 2010, I have not worn pants. Occasionally I wear pajama pants while lounging around the house, but never in front of anyone but family, and never out of the house. I would say, that with my ever-expanding wardrobe of skirts and dresses, my pantsless revolution was a success. Around mid-March I literally packed all my jeans/slacks away, and they haven't seen the light of day since.
Don't tell them, but I don't think they'll be reappearing anytime soon. Long live the skirt and dress!

3. (and something I couldn't find an appropriate/desirable photo for...) I got my Norwegian driver's license. You were all present for that struggle, so I won't bog this entry down with details. Suffice it to say, it wasn't exactly easy...and definitely WAY harder and more of a pain that getting my U.S. license at the age of 16.

("A Young Girl Reading", by Jean Honore Fragonard, 1776)

4. Saved the best for last and one I'm super, super proud of myself for...I doubt many of you darling readers remember my personal 50 book challenge that I gave myself for 2010...but as of tonight my official count for total books read in 2010 is....
No joke, or exaggeration here, folks. I kept an Excel spreadsheet to keep track for myself all this year, and not only did I make my original goal of reading 50  books in one calendar year, I surpassed it by nearly 50%!
I read some great things, some decent things and even a couple of disappointments in 2010...72 in all, including my yearly reading of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov for my birthday.

Stuff I Hope to Do/Accomplish in 2011:

1. This is a bit of a no-brainer as I have no intention of picking up a pair of pants in the near future, but I fully intent to carry on the revolution and begin year two of being awesome and not wearing pants in 2011. Ha.

("Girl Reading" by Charles Edward Perugini)
2. A part of me really wants to set the reading goal up to 100 books total in 2011...then the part of me that's terrified of failure (even miniscule personal failure) gets nervous. So just to give myself a break I'm going to set a goal of reading at least what I did this year: 72 books. I'm hoping to clear 100, or at least get into the 90's, but only time will tell...
2b. In the fall I found a great deal on Ebay for the complete hardcover set of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, and since I've always wanted to read through that set, and I'm a sucker for both hardcover books sets, and a deal, I went for it. So since I own all 13 of the original series and had been bogged down by my "to be read" pile that seemed to grow and grow all year, but has now finally been defeated, this series is one of my goals.
The goal being to read all 13 volumes in the month of January before moving on to my well-stocked Kindle.

3. Be nicer to myself. I don't feel entirely comfortable delving into my self-esteem issues here on the blogosphere, but suffice it to say that I could be a lot more gentle and nicer to myself. It's a personal struggle of mine that is at the root of and or a part of a whole lot of other things I'm not particularly over, nor proud of. My goal is to love myself in 2011, even just a little.


So that's it for you, of course there are other things I have in mind, but again, listing them here makes them feel very real, and official, and I don't know if my perfectionist-driven self can deal with having them plainly staked against myself like for now, let's keep it simple!

I believe the Hubs and I are just planning on a night in tomorrow to ring in 2011. Our not-so-classy, notorious neighbors always buy an obscene and inappropriate amount of fireworks then set them off at the bottom of our adjoining driveway, so as far as spectacle/entertainment goes, we'll be set. We also picked up some sparkling cider for a little toast at midnight and I'm thinking of making a nice big tray of lasagna for dinner.

We're a boring old couple now, and that's how we party. And even though, five or six odd years ago I would have never dreamed of having such a low-key New Year's, right about now, it's just right.