Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Visas, Exams and Minions...

So to start this post on a super awesome, positive note, I can reveal that I got my results in the mail for the second half of my Norskprove 2 exams...and I passed!
I'll let this post slide without some wicked disco groove, I suppose...unlike the post in which I wrote that I had passed the first section, the spoken/oral exam.

But still. I passed. Both sections. The entire exam.


In the next month or so, the top level exams, (level 3) being held here in Haugesund. The Hubs is convinced that I would be able to pass and to just go for it...I'm not so sure. Apparently, there is a HUGE difference level between exams 2 and 3, and the level three exam is practically the same level as the dreaded Bergens test.

Maybe I'll wait until Summer 2011 or so....I've only just been here for a year, and really knew little to no Norwegian until we moved. Even though it's free for me to take the exams (since I'm married to a Weegie), I'm totally freaked out about failing them.


On a super stressful, slightly scary note, my first-year visa officially expires tomorrow, and I still haven't gotten any notification in the post other than my initial "your renewal application was received" letter from the police station that came the week after I applied last month.

Now it's not that I could be deported or anything, I'm in a valid, legitimate and legal marriage to a Norwegian citizen, but if I lost my visa status (which is a work/study visa combo) I would also lose all the hours I've clocked in my Weegie classes...forever.
And at this moment, I'm almost completely done with all 300-hours.

So I called the immigration office this morning and was told to "just relax" from the immigration counselor. She said that since I applied for renewal with plenty of time to spare before the expiration time, and didn't get any kind of negative information back (which if there is to be any, apparently it happens pretty quickly after application), it means that my papers are just in the mail somewhere, or on their way in some capacity.

Can't help but be nervous though. That lady at immigration clearly did not realize the kind of stressed-out type broad I can be.

I'm just praying I'll get something in the post in the next 24-48 hours so I don't have to be laying awake at night worrying about it for too much longer.


Tiny, happy note to leave this post on: last night the Hubs and I saw an AMAZING animated movie. Lots of people know that I've always loved animation, especially Hiyao Miyazaki, Pixar films and I've recently rekindled my love for Disney too.

So here's the trailer for "Despicable Me". It's really a must see, regardless of whether or not you have children that would be into it too...check it out!