Sunday, January 23, 2011

3D Glasses and Barf's that for a real update?

Doesn't the title of this entry just make you want to read further? HA.

So as evidenced by the lack of actual posts this past week, not a whole lot went down here at casa de Kirstin. It seems like the mid-January-sick-of-winter 'blahs' are going around, regardless of continent.

The temperature here has only just recently stayed (barely) above 0C, and the ice is starting to melt, but it's still really slippery out most days, and of course always gray and wet. The Hubs was doing a bit of simple math last night and figured that out of the 13 months we've lived here, about 4 of them have had, what could be considered 'warmer' or at least mild weather.

Welcome to Norway.


So I made it to Weegie classes a few days this week, despite the fact that I'm SUPER bored there every day, being as my classmates have been working through the middle of chapter 4 in our textbooks since before Thanksgiving, and I'm currently almost done with chapter 9. Since there is only one of me, and a dozen of my classmates my teacher doesn't have more than a couple of minutes each day to help me out with whatever I'm working on.

I only have a week or two worth of hours needed to fulfill my government requirement, and I'm really trying to track down a job, at least part time so I can:
a.) get out of the house
b.) possibly make some friends here for once
c.) and most importantly, get out of here and into our own place.
I guess I'll stay in Weegie classes until I find something, and I'm hoping to take both the Norskprøve 3 and the Bergenstest before the end of the year so despite the lack of material at my level, being in class will probably help me pass those exams...I hope!

I also had a meeting with the ladies that run the local saddle club, and since they don't have an indoor facility at their disposal (yet!), they are currently on winter hiatus from their usual riding class schedule...but once the season resumes, they need an extra adult instructor for the elementary-school girls a.k.a - the beginners pony classes.

One of the ladies is from Wales, so the club members are used to hearing both English and Norwegian. Also the 'advanced' riders, a.k.a. the teenagers have spent years around the two founders so they think of them as 'barn mamas', and when I was introduced to the girls (that were having their own teen riding club meeting simultaneously) they were super excited at the prospect of having someone younger and new (and American!) as one of the instructors around the barn.

I'm excited because I think that will happen for me, which means a night or two a week I'll be back in a barn around horses! It won't be awesome pay, obviously, but more for the fun of it and the opportunity to be around people who love horses and barn culture too.


Tonight the Hubs and I and our usual couple of cinema buddies are heading out to our local, tiny cinema to see the premiere of The Green Hornet in 3D. I've always liked a good superhero movie, and Seth Rogen is always fun to watch, so it should be alright.

Have any of you all seen it yet?

The only thing I'm a bit apprehensive about is the fact that the movie IS in 3D. Over the past few years I seem to have inherited my Mom's pension for motion sickness, in a big way.
I remember growing up, and my Mom claiming she couldn't ride in the backseat of a car without getting sick, and hearing about her growing up always having to deal with it. Being prone to motion sickness is genetic, and as far as I know my two siblings have never had a problem with it. Growing up, neither did I.

For some reason though, and really just in the past 3-years or so it's hit me in a big way.

Now I can't ride in backseats (for very long anyway) either, or watch movies that employ a 'shakey-cam' or first-person camera perspective (ala the Blair Witch Project, or other mockumentaries that have running or what have you from the camera's perspective). So seeing this action/superhero movie tonight, in 3D, might not be the best idea, but I'm gonna try it anyway.

Let's just hope it's not too much and I don't, as suggested in my title, need a baggie.


Finally, I've been steadily making my way through the Dexter 5-volume novel series this week. I just had to comment here because not only are the books great, but aside from most of the first volume, the stories are completely different from the storyline depicted in the Showtime series.

It really is like there is the 'real' and original Dexter (and supporting characters), and then the television tribute version, which is admittedly great, but nothing compared to the books.

If you're into the television show, you really owe it to yourself to attempt the original series by Jeff Lindsay (M, this means you!)

Anyway, have a great week this week, LIO readers!