Sunday, January 30, 2011

Awwww and Yummmm.

So first, I have to preface this entry by saying that, I'm pretty sure that 98.9% of Scandinavian men have literally no idea what romance is, and that's just how they are. Also that my Husband is amazing and I adore him.

Now that that is all clear, I have to air his dirty laundry by stating that until yesterday, in more than three years that we've been a couple, he has never bought or brought home flowers for me....

Until yesterday:

Norwegian tulips, and it was a total surprise! I didn't even know how to react...and then he took me out to pick out a vase I liked to put them in, since any vases we already have are still in storage.

Along with the flowers, he brought some 'horns' home for us for breakfast, one of my favorites!

We shopped for a bit when we picked up my new vase, and then we headed to the Indian restaurant:

This picture makes me drool, and I just ate it last night.

...where I didn't get a photo of our entree because I leapt upon the meal so quickly that the waiter barely got away with all his digits intact. But hey, just by looking at one of our appetizers, and then this amazing desert, you get the idea.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home from the restaurant to pick up a pound of fresh prawns (since they're in season here now, and everyone is selling!) for a treat later today, then spent the rest of the night relaxing and just being together.

It was really nice...and I have flowers on my table! It's still a shock, folks.


Today we've gone balls-out-crazy to get stuff done.
Including a few intense hours of doggie torture: nail clips (with only one instance of wiggle-induced blood loss!), brushing, hair clipping, and baths, hooray!
The Hubs also vacuumed while I cleaned up around the joint, did some laundry, watered plants, scrubbed out all dog bowls, and made a huge smoked ham roast with mashed potatoes for an early dinner. Yum.
(on the mashed potatoes for me, anyway.)

Go us, being all productive and such.

Now we can relax for a bit, and watch Tangled which I've been waiting to see. I'm really excited to finally watch it! We have to just watch it here at home (a crappy, downloaded version, just to see it for the first time) because though it is about to come out in cinemas here, it won't be released at all with the original language track in the cinemas. Unfortunately.

Hooray for anniversary weekends!