Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 21 of the longest running meme in history...

Day 21 - Favorite romantic/sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships) 

 One comes to mind right away...not the best ever, but it's definitely a good one:

How about Tyler Durden and Marla? They...and I do mean all three of them can define that idea of a passing in 'ships passing in the night' type passing.

What comes to mind for you all on this one?

Also, I finished the final book in the Series of Unfortunate Events just this evening, then rewatched the movie version with Jim Carey as Count Olaf. 
Final judgment: the books trump the movie completely. Carey is a pretty great Olaf, and I would have admittedly liked to see him pull off some of the other identities that Olaf attempts in later volumes in the story. The kid that plays Klaus wasn't a bad actor, just a totally wrong casting choice. And obviously, things that the character of Sunny (the baby sister) does and participates in in the books, would be too dangerous or impossible for a real live baby to try on camera...but I was still disappointed in her lack of character in the movie...cause she's great in the books!
Anyway, the books were great, and for an adult reader, a very light but fun, well-written, charming, dark humor type read. I'm really glad a found all 13-volumes to add to my library, and sped through them this past week. 
I would definitely recommend them!

Now I'm onward to the 6-volume series of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels!