Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Hometown Shoutout...

So usually I'm not really into any of the larger scale beauty pageants that air in the U.S. every year...if anything,  I might check to see who won, and if any of 'my' states were finalists ('my' states being: Nebraska, Illinois and Washington)

Well, as I just now found out via my Auntie, my family's little hometown in Western Nebraska has a reason to be proud this year...

Miss America 2011 is a 17-year old girl from Scottsbluff!

Congratulations Teresa! It's so awesome that you won the title this puts us on the map!

Even though I was born in Chicago, my family is all from -aside from my immediate family- and still all reside around Western Nebraska and have for generations. So I always have, and always will consider Scottsbluff my real hometown, and a big part of my history.

I would have never thought that a Miss America would ever be from our little area of the world...she just graduated from the same high school my Mom and Auntie did, and her Dad is a doctor at the local hospital. She really is a true Nebraskan from our neck of the woods.

So how cool is that?