Friday, January 28, 2011

No really, baby, it IS cold outside.

So earlier this week we all had some hope that for some freakish, illogical reason, spring would come early to our little corner of Norway...
The compacted death-threat type ice that covered all the roads, sidewalks and paths had finally melted, to where it was practically non-existent...which as in most places it was literally two inches thick, that was pretty exciting. Also we had had a few days of actual sunshine, and temperatures well above 0C.

It was mild, still a little brisk and sunny for a few days in a row. Lovely.

Then just the other day, we all woke up to the usual thick cloud cover, and before we all knew it, it was snowing again.
And it's been snowing on and off all day today, as well as having a forecast for snow for the rest of the weekend...

I remember when I was a little girl, growing up in the Midwest of the U.S., hearing adults and family members saying this weather mantra: "Winter doesn't end until Easter."

Well, despite our hopefulness concerning the sudden and long-lost sunshine that made an appearance earlier this week, it looks like that saying rings true here in Norway too...let's just hope that once Easter does roll around, we can actually look forward to a few snow-less months.


This week has also been a busy one.

I've been in Weegie classes as usual, and also (until last night really) haven't been sleeping well. And in case you were wondering, or were not personally aware of my natural complexion, dark circles under the eyes of someone that rocks a 'corpse' complexion, is especially not flattering.

Unless you're into that kinda look. Which I'm not.

I've been stressed about getting my last handful of government mandated Norwegian classes finished alongside being hard on the job trail, and yes, even going to interviews. Coupled with the fact that I haven't been able to fall asleep at night, despite how exhausted I might be, my week just seems to stretch out to unnatural-feeling lengths.

I'm just trying to resolve to make just a little time for myself every day, even if it is just to quietly read, listen to some great music or relax on my own. Hopefully that will help, and before too long, I can unpack some of the luggage stored under my lower lids.


Tomorrow the Hubs and I are going our to one of our favorite restaurants here in Norway. It's an Indian restaurant, and a little pricey, so we try and restrict ourselves from going too often, but tomorrow we'll be celebrating a special occasion...

On Tuesday is our second anniversary of our marriage. <3 Awww.

We have three different anniversary dates that we usually do something special for; the day we became a couple (four years ago this September), the day we legally were married, a.k.a. our elopement date (two years ago Tuesday), and then our wedding day where we had our friends, family and the whole traditional shindig (two years ago this October).

Anyway, time really does fly, it definitely doesn't seem like two whole years ago since we quietly eloped in my family's church, after Sunday services with just my immediate family and our pastor present.

Yummy Indian food, is definitely an appropriate tribute.


And last but not least, is of course the sometimes applied 'song of the week'.

I was not super inspired before I began the search in my iTunes library for an appropriately themed winter tune for this week, as it seems as the season has renewed itself all of a sudden, in our neck of the woods anyway...

Then I revisited an amazing lady that I was quite enamored with while in high school...

My favorite album of Tori's has always been From the Choirgirl Hotel. What about you all, did you have a Tori phase?