Thursday, February 3, 2011

The cute, the horrific, and the...mummy?

So, how about a post of crazy opposites? As in super cute stuff and also nightmarish things, all together?

Sounds great, right? Let's do it!

So we'll get the horrific, terrible and soul-shattering first:

I did not get the job that I interviewed for last Thursday. I just found out. That's all I want to say about it. It was a very nice 'no', as nice as you could imagine really, but I'm super bummed.
I had been praying about it since the interview last week, and honestly, the day after it happened, I felt already like it wasn't going to happen. Not because of how my interview went, it went really well actually. I just knew that it wasn't what God had in store for me.
So, we're at ground zero again. If anything promising comes up, and let's all pray it does (soon!), I'll keep you all posted.


And to keep the soul-shattering business going, I came across articles with these photos in them today during my nearly daily new check:


In case you didn't know, or haven't read, all the protesting and political-type issues happening in Egypt right now are starting to spill over into realms and places they have no business being in.
(Disclaimer: this is NOT a political blog. I am NOT interested in politics in general, and I pass no judgment on those fighting for what they believe is right and what their country needs. That's not what this is about. And I'm sorry, destroying art because you're not into your president and your government officials is NOT ok. Don't preach to me, I don't need it.)

So priceless cultural/historical artifacts have been destroyed, and I'm not kidding you, folks, this lady right here was crying over it.

Since as far back as I can remember (Mom can vouch for this! Right Mom?), I have been obsessed with ancient Egyptian everything. Dragged my family to any visiting museum exhibit in a 500-mile radius from where we lived, and not speaking to my Stepdad for at least a week when business took him to Cairo and my Mom wouldn't let me skip school to go with for the week.

It's a life long love affair, and I KNOW it will never be anything but for me. Maybe it's a past life thing, maybe not, regardless, I adore ancient Egyptian artifacts, culture, art, all of it.

...oh yeah, and if it's a mummy, I'm in. Egyptian or not.

 Anyway, in all this business, especially in the past week, around Cairo some major you-know-what has been going down. And now, at least two mummies have been destroyed, and there were persons that attempted to loot some of the exhibits (for gold) in the 108-year old museum of ancient history(pictured above). Though they were apprehended, and didn't make with the actual stealing before caught, they still tampered with priceless, irreplaceable items.

After reading the story on Nat. Geo., I was crying, and just had to literally stop, and pray to God that people would realize that business like this was not anything close to what they are protesting. It's unbelievable disrespect for ancient culture (and the dead in general, just because they're thousands of years old, doesn't mean they aren't actual human corpses they're damaging and stealing from!) and their country's history.

Apparently, and thankfully though, I'm not the only one that is thinking like this, because right under this story, was a story about what government officials and and even normal everyday citizens are trying to do to stop the madness (including that tank photo above...reinforcements to guard the premises 24/7!)


Mom, not to wig you out or anything, but I would TOTALLY  be there with the people that are forming literal human chains around museums and archeological sites to try and keep watch over and protect the priceless material. You know this.

I don't know about you all, but the Egyptian people and their safety and well-being during this time, as well as the safety of their priceless cultural and historical items are definitely in my prayers.


GAH. So let's get away from the disappointing, scary and terrible things that I'm not into, and look at something super amazingly cute, shall we?

For real folks, this is reason # 5,872 that I love dogs more that I could ever say. That they will always be a part of my life, and I adore them.

My very own two amazing fur-covered babies and I attempted to go for an afternoon stroll during about 15 whole minutes of consecutive sunshine...let's just say that all three of us managed to arrive home about an hour later, in the middle of a crazy, freak snow/rain/slush storm, literally dripping wet.

Fun times. Just another daily gamble we take to walk the dogs here in Norway. Hooray!

Well, how's that for an update, y'all? The Hubs left early this morning (thanks to his faithful wife/chauffeur) for an overnight business trip a few hours South from where we live, and won't be back until dinner it will be just the pups and I tonight, drying out from our walk earlier this afternoon.