Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Would you call it an anniversary?

So originally, I had planned on taking a 'one year later' photo, but now I'm just too damn embarrassed and shy to even attempt to do so.

But photo or no, today marks the one year anniversary of when I spilled an entire pot of literally boiling water down the front of my body. My Husband's family was begging me to seek medical attention for said incident, my family (after seeing the photos) kept calling in sheer states of panic for updates on the healing process...I could tell they were very anxious about not being able to see for themselves.
So after the photos, and my brief updates, here's where my burns stand a whole year later...

Since I still look at the places where I burnt myself, literally every time I shower or change, the experience still seems very fresh and real. Despite the fact that it occurred an exact calendar year ago.

So no, no photos, thanks. But I'll just say that, just as I expected, now, one year later, I rock white scar tissue over the entire burned area shown in the original photos I posted in the original entry, one year ago. Both large burn marks on my lower stomach and top of my thigh scarred fully, but that wasn't a surprise to me.

After a couple of months, the scar tissue was still shiny and white, and the skin was tender for probably at least six months. To this day, if I take a particularly toasty shower, both scars flush with color and are very red with darker pinpricks of color until my skin cools back down again. The skin feels just like normal skin to the touch now, and the scar tissue isn't raised at all anymore, but still white, with faded brown-ish edges.
The skin is still more sensitive than it's surrounding area, I know this only from absent-mindedly scratching at a bug bite that was near the scar on my leg (very recently even) made me gasp and check to make sure I hadn't somehow torn open my skin to blood, that's how it hurts.

I guess in the end, I'm just still glad that I didn't burn my face, chest or arms...areas that are often seen by the general public, and grateful that my Husband, the only one that sees my burn scars, doesn't mind them at all.

Be careful in the kitchen, kids.