Monday, March 14, 2011

I Don't Care if Monday's Blue...

So Saturday night the Hubs and I went to a birthday party for an old college buddy of our that lives in the area. Now I'm not a big party girl anymore or anything, but after I had a bit of the old 'liquid courage' in me, my Norwegian was a-flying alongside all the natives, and I was laughing and hangin' with the best of the Weegies. Apparently my state of fun was so noticeable and contagious that my Husband and a few of other Weegies at the shindig kept commenting on how seeing me laugh so much and chat was neat, and was making them smile! I didn't think I had a rep for being such a sad sack around here...but apparently that's so!
Two days later, the Hubs is still telling me how it made him happy and smile to hear me laughing and chatting it up in two languages.
An old dorm-mate(that married a Norwegian lady and lives in Southern Norway) of mine and my bestie's showed up too...making him the first American I've had face time with since leaving the States in December 2009.

Crazy, huh? I didn't realize it was that long either, until it happened...and just speaking English (and Norwegian!) with him really did make me homesick!

Unfortunately, all that fun came with a price I'm not used to paying anymore: the dreaded hangover. And a beer-hangover at that. Gross.
Said beer-hangover also managed to co-inside with a delicious cold that I had been brewing, which then left me in a bit of a zombie type state all day yesterday where I slept and slept, managed to do a load of laundry, had some pizza, doubled my vitamins then overslept class today.

At least I feel better now! I promise I'll drag ass to school for the rest of the week, working hard for those last 25-hours!

Anyway, last but not least, how about a fun, cheesy little middle-school type survey that I jacked from the ever lovely Samboy?

Why not!

The ABC's of Me!

Age: 25

Bed size: double-queen-ish.

Chore you dislike: Floors! The Hubs, since we first moved in together has been the resident vaccummer/mopper. I literally do everything else, am a bit of a clean-freak, and even take out the trash pretty often, but dammit if I hate doing those floors.

Dogs:  I have two wild and wooly pups at the moment that I love more than life. They are and will always be my precious fur babies. There's Gatsby, my sweet 4-year old Pomeranian boy, and Daisy our INSANE two-year old Scottish terrier girly.

Essential start to your day: TEA and cuddle time with the pups. Either 'english breakfast', or 'earl grey'. With a teaspoon of raw sugar or honey, and a splash of soy milk. Yum yum.

Favorite color: Green. Then pink. However, I do have to attach a disclaimer that these are not the colors I wear on the daily, or that populate my wardrobe. The Hubs claims I have a "gray-scale problem".

Gold or silver: Silver-tones, definitely. Yellow gold looks icky on my super-pale skin.

Height: 5'3

Instruments you play(ed): I took piano lessons for YEARS. Honestly, wish I would have been more dedicated and kept at it!

Job title: Housewife Extraordinaire.

Kids: Just furry kids at the moment. Not to shock any of my old-friends/family, but I CANNOT wait to be a mom! It will be a couple of years still should current family-type plans of ours hold out, but yes, I can't wait!

Live:Western Norway, near Haugesund.

Mum’s name: Kathleen.

Nicknames: My friends have always called me "K". The years that I was on the cross country team and was the tiniest person there, my coach and teammates always called me "quarter-pint", because I was too little to be a 'half-pint' LOL.
My family is notorious for slinging out nicknames...I have been and can be called at any time by them: "Gertrude", "Gertie", (Miss)"Gertie Mack", and "Peanut".

Overnight hospital stays: Not any that I'm aware of...I was delivered by c-section, so I'm sure I was at the hospital for at least for a night when I was born! Maybe when I had my dog-bite accident when I was little? My Mom would know! When I broke my collar bone in a car accident I was at the hospital UNTIL the middle of the night before I was released and went home...that's about it!

Pet peeves: Rude people. Messes. The sound that cotton fibers make rubbing against each other...makes me want to jump out of a window. Weird, but no joke.

Quote from a movie: How about from a TV show? "You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you".

Righty or lefty: Righty

Siblings: Two, I'm the oldest. My gorgeous sister is 21, called Alex and my amazing little brother is newly 20 and called Ian.

Time you wake up: When I go to Weegie class I get up at 7:30 a.m., when I don't, I sleep in like a bum.

Underwear: I don't understand this one. Do I wear it? Yes. That's all you need to know.

Vegetables you don't like: I honestly LOVE veggies...hence the vegetarian/vegan thing. Do olives count? I DESPISE olives. The smell even get's me gagging.

What makes you run late: I'm always the early one. Lateness irks me.

X-rays you’ve had: All kinds of dental-type ones, my left shoulder when I was in a car accident and broke my collar bone, and then a cat-scan in 2009 when I gave myself a concussion. Good times.

Yummy food you make: Not to brag, but I make pretty good food! Cooking is a pretty new thing for me (I've loved baking since jr. high), but I make some pretty yummy enchiladas, lasagna, nachos, and veggie things...

Zoo animal favorites: Bats, Bears, Elephants, Big Cats, Sloths...if we're at aquarium, the Octopus is my absolute favorite!