Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Memorial...

So this week, as you all by now probably know, we lost a truly amazing lady.

This one is for you, Miss Taylor. May you rest is peace.

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Also, the mysterious, bizarre, tragic and unexpected death of a certain famous German polar bear that I JUST missed seeing the last time I was in Germany, also happened this week. In front of an audience. How terrible and traumatizing would it be to see that beautiful creature drop dead in front of you while on a routine trip to the zoo?
It really made me sad, and I hope at least something was learned by his caretakers, and most of all that his random, heartbreaking death won't be the end of the polar bear legacy and breed conservation program at the Berlin Zoo, and zoos everywhere.

Have you ever seen anything cuter?! That's Knut as a cub...

And later as an adult...

Now the rumor is that the Berlin Zoo is considering stuffing Knut's body so it can be on display, and as a tribute to their most well known resident.
What do you think? Is it fitting, or a little too much?

At any rate, both Miss Taylor, and (to a lesser degree OF COURSE) Knut the bear will be missed. <3