Monday, April 11, 2011

A Blast from the Past, via Thrift...

Well the thrifting gods have been smiling on me in the past week!

Last week I found that sweet Paula Deen-y pot rest thing-y...well check out what I found today:

Sorry, I couldn't get the images to turn!

Anyway, as you may or may not be able to see, these are hand-embroidered/cross-stitched Bible verses on pieces of solid, colored cotton. The first is royal blue, the second a pretty, regal purple. There was obviously time, love and devotion put into these by their creator, and it was definitely a long time ago!
I'm not an expert on these type of items, but I have already removed these from their frames, and they are soaking clean so I can eventually place them in new, larger frames so the entirety of the fabric is visible.
Again, not sure how old these are, but after some inspection I would have to say, at least from the 1940's, if not older.

The first one is Psalms, 121:78 and also has the name of the creator neatly on the bottom: 
Lucy Daniel Katihan
The second, shorter piece is from John 15:1. I'm sure Lucy was behind both of these, since they came into the Salvation Army together and were nestled in the back of a box of small/medium framed art pieces together.

I'm totally floored on them! Hoping that they'll clean up well...they were both actually remarkably nice, clean and in great shape already. The frames they came in weren't. They were original frames, that were sealed with glued brown paper, and the fabric was stretched around some heavy cardstock type paper, then NAILED into the frame. Yes, tiny, ancient, rusty least 20 per frame. A total pain to remove...but I managed to muster a little patience and extract them carefully, pulling out each nail! I did however crack the glass in the frames while doing so...oh well!

Anyway, they're soaking now, and hopefully in the next couple weeks I can find some new, simple frames to put them in to really show case their craftsmanship...tiny spelling errors or no! (the "tru" vine)

I actually collect antique portraits,( especially post-mortem/funerary portraits and Victorian grief memorabilia, like urns, casket plates, etc.), and I feel these two cross-stitch pieces, just like my other antiques that I collect are really about paying tribute and honoring the lives and memories of generations past. It's just sad to me that people discard their family heirlooms and I try to rescue and respect what I can!

These are no exception!

Have you all found anything neat thrifting/antiquing lately?