Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today the Hubs and I just lounged around a bit, did a bit of work around the house, then I made some yummy veggie stir-fry with sweet chili sauce for dinner.

...Then, I screamed, cringed, and gasped with disappointment while watching game four in the Chicago-Indiana series of the NBA playoffs. Are any of you darling readers keeping up with the playoffs this year? If you haven't, it's not too late...the first round isn't even over yet!
It's also been a really exciting tournament so far...and I know I'll be right there watching and hoping that the Bulls will pull out a win in game five so they can move on to the semi-finals round!

Not to jinx it or anything, but if my two absolute favorite teams: the Chicago Bulls and the L.A. Lakers were to make it to the finals...I wouldn't even know who to cheer for! That would be AMAZING.
Let's go Bulls! Let's go Lakers!


Anyway, after the disappointing finale of the game, I hit a personal milestone I'm pretty proud of myself for...

I finally finished my first, real book in Norwegian!

(Translated, the title is "Monster Rider")

And this wasn't a YA/children's book, or one designed for non-native speakers, folks. This is a legit, Norwegian piece of literature, written by a pretty rad younger author. Honestly, I started this book last month, read the first story and half of the second (it was a collection of nine short stories total) then got overwhelmed and shoved it aside until yesterday evening. It really is an overwhelming thing, to dive into good quality, high-end literature in a language not of your own native tongue. Especially when it's a language you've been speaking for less than two years.
So anyway, last night, I told myself to pick it back up and plow though. Look up words, and ask the Hubs when I needed to, and just take my time. That alone was a huge element of my frustration! I've always been a fast, advanced reader, and reading at a very slow, deliberate speed was really trying and difficult for me to do!
It made me feel a little dumb even. Definitely a knock at my self esteem when I realized it took me an hour to read 30-40 pages. Yeesh.
But the Hubs reminded and assured me that I was doing really well, and would engage me a little about what I was reading, which really helped. And reading time aside, I am now totally proud of myself for finishing...finishing, understanding the content, and realizing how good it was!

Also, I don't think this book has been translated, but again, it is GREAT. The collection is great post-modern type literature with elements of magical-realism, suspense, a pinch of sexy and even a truly heartbreaking one. Really a unique collection...and if you can read Norwegian, dear readers, check this one out!


Anyway, book-y pride aside, here's a song of the week!

This song, doesn't just get into my head on occasion. It owns property there, and has for my whole life. My Mom has always been into Elton John, and used to sing this song (among others) to me as a lullaby, in addition to playing his music often. I'm a born and bred fan. Legitimately.

So even though hearing this makes me miss her terribly, it's a good, comforting song this week...and a recording from 1970, even! Look how young he is!

So Happy Easter tomorrow, everyone! Hope you all have a blessed day. And for all my Christian readers:
Smile tomorrow! Jesus suffered and died for us...and He is Risen!