Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Little Note = A Big Smile

I've been meaning to blog all week, but I just feel like I haven't done anything that warrants any documentation lately! I know I should keep at it, and I'll try, promise!

Anyway, I had a little job interview this afternoon in Haugesund, that I felt like went well...but that's all I'll say just to not jinx it in any way...

On my way from the parking lot to the location of the interview, there was a community clean-up team assembled. Here in Norway, in the spring, especially because of our independence day coming up, and other warmer weather festivities, these 'dugnads' are pretty commonplace. Just people that live around the area picking up trash, weeding, and otherwise tidying up outside after our token long winters.
Anyway, I was walking past a group of dudes that were suiting up with their gear and reflective vests to be on the cleanup team next to the parking lot, and just as I went to pass a few of them, one of them dropped something. It also happened that this person was a special person, and when I saw them drop what they were holding, they looked so disappointed. I bent down and picked it up, handed it back to them with a smile and just said "Here you go", before I continued on my way.
They seemed a little shocked that I did it for them, and didn't say anything back to me at all. But then again, this is Norway, and special person or not, most people here don't have the best manners. So I wasn't that shocked at their stupefied silence.

So I head to my interview, and came back the same way that I went into town. By the time I got back to my car, all the dudes were spread out and gone-ish, and it took me until I had driven about a half mile down the road from the lot before I saw what looked like the corner of a post-it note sticking out from under my windshield wiper blade.
I pulled over into a parking lot to get it before I got onto the highway home. It was a post-it note. And when I read it, I teared up a little...

All it says is: "You were nice."

It wasn't anything big or incredibly outstanding that I did. Not special or even out of the ordinary. But I guess it meant a lot to someone, and their day. And even though I didn't think about what I was doing at the time, and obviously didn't expect any glory, just this little note left for me really made my day.

Have you done anything nice for a stranger lately? Kindness is contagious, don't forget. Impact or not, even just doing a silly little thing for someone you don't know, in passing, can make a big difference.

Be nice to each other.