Sunday, April 10, 2011

Migraines and Chocolate Vomit.

So today the Hubs and I went to his our cousin's 7th birthday party over at his our Uncle and Aunt's house in town. It was the quiet, Weegie family party way. It's just a little funny to me, because no matter how many of our family gather for a birthday or anniversary party, it's never a real loud, talkative, warm environment...not like my family anyway...but I guess no two families are alike, right?
And they're all great matter how quiet they can be around each other.

We picked up the game Operation for our cousin as a birthday gift, and not only was it a big hit that I had to help set up and explain so the first round could start right there at the party, but no one in the entire house had ever seen/played it before! Seeing the birthday-boy and his big brother taking turns over with the little tweezers, was super cute.
Also, on a random note: Operation is totally different now from when I was younger and used to play with my siblings! I'm pretty sure (even though we didn't use them) that the game used to come with cards that you drew to determine what you were trying to remove from your patient...and money even maybe? Correct me here, readers. But didn't it come with money, or rewards or something for a successful surgery? What you remove from the patient was totally different funny bone! And by pressing the light-up nose, you heard a noise that gave you a clue as to what was to be removed next.
The evolution of a children's game, right?

So after we had been at the shindig for a couple of hours...which included me watching my Husband, a.k.a. the biggest kid of all, bouncing our hysterically laughing cousins on the trampoline (they begged him for more bouncing and wouldn't let him get off!), I started getting a headache.
Some of the older cousins (again, including my Husband) decided to play a game of cards, so I mooched some aspirin and didn't get better. It just got worse.

We headed home, and by the time we pulled into the driveway, I was wincing and rocking a full migraine. Hooray!

But that's not all, no of course not. I never get in, this is probably only the second or third time ever in my life, but once we went to liberate the puppies, it became clear that I wouldn't be able to dim the lights and relax it away.

We stupidly left about 2/3 of a bag of coconut M&M's that came in one of our Easter packages on the coffee reach of our chocolate-crazed Pomeranian, Gatsby.

Thankfully, Daisy was crated, so we only had to confront one dog's chocolate vomit, not the vomit of two pups. So, with head pounding, I started scrubbing the carpets on my hands and knees while Gatsby retched lakes of chocolate vomit in the background.
The Hubs eventually took over the clean-up process, since I began crying from the stress and pain of the migraine and my dog vomiting gallons upon gallons at a moment's notice.

I should take this point to clarify: Gatsby has a chocolate problem. The problem is that he's a five-pound dog that LOVES chocolate. He would scale mountains, and risk death to get a piece...and has. This is the third time in his short life that he's helped himself to candy left on a table, then had me hysterically crying, thinking he was going to die.
Yes, chocolate is poisonous to dogs and potentially life-threatening in a very real way. Thank God above that he's lived through the first two instances, and now today as well.
I had to start a whole load of laundry because of his chocolate vomit, and was crying seeing his tiny body shaking and watching him trying to chug water between heaving.
Now that danger is out of the way, I can actually be mad at both him for standing on the coffee table, splitting open the bag of M&M's and eating 1/3 of the bag, as well as mad at us for leaving said candy on the table.

He's snoozing, exhausted now on the couch next to me, and the waves of vomit have ceased. Hopefully for good. Though I've seen this exact thing before, it never fails to shock me just how much vomit he can produce after one of his chocolate episodes. Honestly, it's terrifying. He's so tiny, and so dear to me, I hate seeing him that sick and upset (even if he did it to himself!), not to mention the gut-wrenching worry that I carry for the whole ordeal.

My migraine ruled my world for a good few hours there...during the chocolate incident, and also when my Husband received a call from his bestie asking if he could go out and play with the other boys. He went. Decked out in his football gear, to play an impromptu match across the street at the school fields with the boys.
I should state, I told him to go. I figured, I was going to be in excruciating pain while simultaneously mopping up chocolate vomit no matter if he was here or not, and he doesn't play football with his friends like this often. It makes him so happy, and gives him some exercise, so migraine and dog-issues or not, I went for it.

ANYWAY. More Weegie classes this week, unfortunately, and probably just the norm. How about you all, anything exciting planned for this coming week?