Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paula Deen would approve.

So after I subbed for my fifth graders in English today, I headed over to the Fretex (Salvation Army thrift store) for some of my favorite kind of retail therapy!

I picked up a couple of cute, basic black skirts, a nice thick cowl-neck sweater, and a couple of other little things.
But the pick of the day was this:

Someday it will grace my kitchen, which I plan on painting red, like the little lady's skirt! It's painted tile on a cast-iron decorative frame, complete with little feet on the back so it can serve as a pot-rest for hot pots and pans. But it's too awesome to use on the daily, I'm planning on hanging it on the wall someday.

It says: "good food should be/is made with butter and love."

So see, my homegirl Paula Deen would most definitely approve!