Friday, April 1, 2011

Selling out, and grammar.

So as you are now able to see, I have officially fallen victim to the twitter trap...willing victim, I suppose. But that's besides the point. I'm in. And I'm confused. So if you have any pointers as an experienced tweeters, or follow-recommendations, drop some knowledge on me.
And more importantly, when I'm not blogging much because I think I'm boring, now you all will be able to read a brief description of my day, in 140-characters or less. Oh bless. Yet another manner in which to prove to my Mom that I am not in fact dead, and alright most days, generally speaking.

Anyway outside of the realm of the net, we're just plugging along here, pretty normal week really. I got another substitute call for this coming Wednesday, at the same elementary school, the same fifth graders that I've subbed for twice before.
Though these sessions with the little monsters darlings do actively remind me that I DO NOT want to teach elementary school on a permanent basis, it is really great to be in a classroom and doing what I love...even if that involves yelling "sit down" ,"be quiet now" and other variations thereof while attempting to teach.

So anyway, instead of a song of the week this week, I thought I would leave you with a couple of funny and amazing videos that had me: a.) laughing myself hoarse (while watching the first one) and b.) being fascinated (by the second one).

Note: if English is not your first language (like my poor Husband who was dumbfounded at the appeal of either of these when I showed him!), and or you are not a geeky grammar/lit. person like myself...I apologize. You'll probably be confused and bored too.

I promise, something more relate-able and friendly will be back during next week's installment.

Enjoy, fellow geeks! And have a great weekend, all!