Thursday, April 7, 2011

Starving Artists...and their backers...

Just had something I wanted to share with you all around the Blogosphere real quick...

It's a website called There are many different categories on this website, but the principle is the same regardless. Kickstarter helps struggling artists, ( and writers, musicians, filmmakers, etc.) get their projects on their feet by the use of pledges, and financial support from people all around the world, via the internet.
You agree to pledge whatever amount you feel comfortable doing, and each project is given a certain deadline, so that if funds aren't reached by then, you aren't held to your pledge amount. The pledges are collected by using your account, so it's really easy to do.
The project(s) you decide to back keep you updated on how the production process of their work is going, and when you as a backer will see results and a finished project.
It can be really hard trying to get together money to publish a novel, cut an album, shoot a documentary, or finish an art project. This is just a neat way to bring appreciators/fans of many different art forms together, and help them provide the financial support these artists need to express themselves and produce their work.

So head over, see if there are any projects that you feel good about, and give, even just a little. The various artists/creators always set up pledge level benefits like signed copies of their work, advanced files, etc. for their backers.

I've personally backed one finished project already, and am going to pledge a little to what looks like will be an AMAZING graphic novel production from an artist in the Midwest. I wanted to share her project with you all too...

Art belonging to Bethalynne Bajema

This particular artist is called Bethalynne Bajema, and is striving to both finish the first volume of her graphic novel, and the corresponding tarot card deck that features her characters and art, using Kickstarter. I think her work looks so interesting, and the style is really appealing to me, so I hope she reaches her goal in the next couple weeks. If you're into her work, help her out here!

If you find any projects that you feel passionate about, and want to plug yourself from the website, let me know!