Friday, April 15, 2011

You can go ahead and leave now, week.

Well it's been a bit of a loopy week around these parts.

Filled with awesome thrift finds, job rejections, the reading of great books, and promotions at work.

A week that, actually, I'm sort of glad to come to a close. It's been a bit TOO loopy for yours truly, and I'm really ready to get on with and have my Hubby be home with me all next week long for Easter break.

So to start the beginning of this casting off of this last week, let's have a couple of fun, upbeat songs for song of the week.

And later, I'm making Mexican/taco pizza for dinner, and the Hubs is taking me to Sucker Punch at nine. Here's to moving on...

(Thanks Bestie for reminding me how much I love Avalanche City. <3)