Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bars, Blood Tests, Books and Babes.

So my first day on the job was yesterday. A four-hour taste of bartending. It was crazy! I didn't think a Tuesday evening at our little winebar would be real hectic...I was wrong. Hopefully it was just because it was a new routine to me that I was so stressed and running like mad!
Today I'm training and having my first day on the restaurant level. I don't know our menu yet, but I'm actually not that worried about today, since I was a server for a couple of years, and a good one at that! The biggest difference, aside from the whole language thing will be that Weegies aren't real chatty, and their servers don't really hang out and talk them up other than taking orders and checking in and what not.
Hopefully my Norwegian will be up to par tonight, and my tables will understand me!

Anyway, I also had my first ever doctors appointment here in Norway earlier today. A little different from an American clinic experience.
It was my first visit ever, but there was no paperwork involved, for one. Also, my doctor came out to the reception hall to personally get me and take me back to the private suite. There was the usual family health history questions, but no weighing or real examination to be had. Apparently though, my blood pressure is "perfect". One less thing, right?

So as some of you might know, I've been having breathing problems for the past odd year or so, especially on one side of my sinus cavity, under my eye. I'm off the constant-use nasal spray, but the doctor ordered a full allergy panel test (as I have never had one before, and am still new-ish to the Weegie environment) to see if I'm allergic to something that can be treated, thus the breathing problems.
If nothing comes up in my panel, I'm going to the ear-nose-throat specialist at the hospital in Haugesund in the next month or so. Since I'm especially tight one one side of the passage, they want to make sure I don't have polyps or something scary like that.

Anyway, so after my incredibly short, non-invasive check-in with my doctor, he sent me over to the lab area to get my blood drawn for testing. Since I'm a new patient, an immigrant, and the allergy test had to be conducted in full, the nurse ended up taking a WHOLE lot more blood than I thought she would.
She did a great job though, hit my vein on the first try and was really gentle.

I should also mention though that as my appointment was early, and I'm not one that eats right when I get up, all I had in my system was a cup of breakfast tea.


After the sixth sample vial was pulled, the nurse glanced up at me and remarked something like;
"Oh wow, you've gotten really pale! We're almost done, I promise!"
She ended up taking eight vials total I think. A couple for the general level testing, then the rest for the allergy panel tests.

Now needles and the sight of blood doesn't and has never bothered me. Just the amount of blood taken I guess really smacked me in the face suddenly, and while I wasn't tunneling-out in vision, I had that cold fish feeling in my stomach and just felt shaky.

I nursed a couple glasses of water and the nurse opened the window for some fresh air, and I was right as rain within 5-10 minutes. I'm just hoping that my arm doesn't bruise up too badly!

So anyway, I'm leaving the house in a bit to head to the library before my shift at work today. Turning in some GREAT books, and hopefully picking up a few more as well.

There's a big annual church flea market/rummage sale this weekend apparently too...hopefully I can drag the Hubs out for it and find some treasures!


Finally, a special memorial dedication to a truly foxy lady. Early this morning I heard some disturbing news/facts about the death of former Playboy Playmate and star of cult films like "Attack of the 50-foot woman", Yvette Vickers.


What a stunner, right?

Apparently towards the end of her life she was a total recluse and mostly likely has been deceased for close to a year, though her body was just found yesterday. A space heater in the room where she had passed was still on, and had been all that time, leaving her remains nearly mummified.
I teared up thinking about someone being that one ever even checking on you for a year at a time?

Yvette, I hope you found peace in your passing. You'll live on in cult cinema infamy as one awesome, dishy dame.