Monday, May 2, 2011

A Good Weekend?...Well, Definitely a Big One...

That's right. Any way you slice it, the Hubs and I had a big weekend.

Here's a rundown...

Saturday morning we get up and head WAY out into the country, one county over to check out a house for rent. In short, it's perfect. We loved everything about it, and where it was located...even though it is out in the country it also happens to be just a few short minutes down the road from where the Hubs works.
In the car on the way home, both beaming, we decided that on Monday (today) we will call the landlord and confirm we'll take it!
Obviously, we were stoked.

Fast forward to a few short hours later. I get a call from the restaurant I interviewed at last Thursday. The one I kept real hush-hush about? I GOT IT.
Celebration was to be had. Even though it's just a bartending/serving position, it's still my first here in Norway (other than occasional subbing and teaching riding lessons once a week), and it's something! Much better than nothing.
About five minutes after we got the call and were floored, I immediately near burst into tears, realizing that the lovely house we wanted had suddenly been rendered highly impractical based on location and proximity to my new place of work.
Talk about your emotional roller coaster.
I know that if it had to be between me being employed and us finding a nice place to live, that me being employed is the choice we really need/want. Hopefully I can work for a couple months, then we can start looking to buy.
It was still disappointing though, about the house. :(

Anyway. Then comes Sunday. After being disappointed that my alarm malfunctioned and we missed church I had to attend a crash course in bartending at my new place of work. Obviously the crash course was all in Norwegian, and I got a double-sided sheet with the TOP drinks made at our bar to learn. Overwhelming much?
So again, I was stressed.
Also the dress code for our restaurant is as follows: servers in the restaurant level wear white buttoned shirts with black slacks, bartenders/servers on the bar level wear black buttoned shirts with black slacks.
If you know much about me you'll know I have only one problem with said dress code. Give you a hint, it's not the monochromatic element.
So I implore my new employers to let me wear ankle-length black skirts with dark tights instead of slacks. I even cite religious reasons of modesty. (Which are, actually part of the reason I do avoid pants and have in the last odd year.)
I got turned down. Politely turned down, but still turned down. To be fair, they actually pleaded with me to work for them because of my past restaurant experience, and forgive them the pants issue, as the owner is a stickler for it, and until me, no employee had ever had a faith-based issue with the dress code.

So I'm bummed about that, but will bite. I will still only be wearing them to work, and not casually, as they are not my preferred option. And though I won't openly complain to them, I am NOT pleased about it.

The busyness is just going to start tapering out too, as tomorrow is my first day on the new job, then I have a routine doctors appointment on Wednesday(another first here in Norway!), mixed with all the usual weekly fair.

When it rains it pours, right?

At the end of the day, though, I am so grateful to have been hired. So thankful. People don't really realize, until they specifically live it, how hard getting a job as an expat here in Norway is. A fellow expat blogger even dedicated a couple of posts about it!
I had been praying and praying for God to give me the patience to remain vigilant and optimistic during the job hunt here. Praying for strength while waiting for what He had in store for me.
And finally, it's here!
Obviously, again it's not a career-based job. And despite how hard it can be, I'm still confident that I'll be a teacher someday here too, and put all my education to good use. For now though, I definitely have a real-life lesson on patience, and gratefulness in front of me! Counting your blessings, instead of your burdens or what you want but don't have, is always a better route.


Also, and just as a quick side note, the news I woke up to here in Norway was truly astounding. I am definitely a pacifist, and the 'eye for an eye' mentality makes me a little sick. But I can say, as an American citizen, who watched, heart-broken as innocent lives of my fellow Americans were shattered near ten years ago, I am glad justice has finally been delivered.

The death of Bin Laden isn't a fix-all, not a solution. But hopefully, it will bring about the kind of peace, and change that we as humans need in our world. Hate spreads like a sickness. I will continue to pray for the President and his staff, and really all the world leaders that they will temper their decisions and ideas with what is best for their people and the world in mind.

It was truly a historical event, and one that shouldn't be met with pure jubilation on anyone's part. Justice was played out in its' own way today, and hopefully violent retaliation won't be felt by anyone, much less innocent citizens anywhere in the world.

Yes, God Bless America, and God bless us all.