Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 200th Entry!

Yeah, that's right, this is my 200th blog entry! Crazy, huh? I feel like I just started this blogging thing yesterday!

I have an exciting note to celebrate my 200th post too...guess what, dear readers?

I am finally and officially done with Weegie classes! All 300-hours. I never have to go back again!
I've had some serious praising to do to Jesus for giving me the patience to get through it all, and thanking Him profusely that I'm done!
I'm taking the highest level government language exams at the end of the month, and got some practice test packets as a parting gift from my Weegie teacher. I'll miss my classmates, and my teacher, but I have the telephone numbers of a bunch of them, and will try to keep in touch with them in the future.
I'm actually not that nervous about the exams, because the practice tests have all been really easy...let's hope that's the case on the day!


So anyway, today has been pretty hectic already, and it's only 3:00 in the afternoon!

So far today I've:

- Gotten up at 7:00a.m. to drop off my Husband at his annual military duty exercise. He got a ride from a co-worker that also has to put in his time this week, so I only had to drive him to the gas station down the road to drop him off, but it was still real early! (Especially for someone who hasn't been sleeping, like me!) And moreover, I won't be seeing my Husband again until Saturday afternoon. :( Sad times. Since we first started dating nearly four years ago, we've barely ever been apart, so nearly a full week without him, just seems wrong and weird. And of course, now that we have a giant bed, it will seem that much more empty and huge...even with the two pups cuddling me up.
(It's his annual military exercise as part of the standing Norwegian army, by the way, folks. Thankfully he only has to do this training shindig once a year...but he's committed to serve his country like this until he's 45 years old.)

- I had a second/call back interview that I was super nervous for earlier today. Went into town, to where my interview was supposed to be, found a deserted building that was locked and empty. Picked up my phone (which has some issues) and the battery was suddenly completely dead. I was thus sans-communication, so I couldn't call and ask what was going on. Pretty much, I felt stood up. I tried to call once I charged my phone and got home, and there was no answer.
I don't get it.
(edit: Finally got a call from my interviewers. They couldn't understand why I couldn't find them (WTF) and were pissed that my phone malfunctioned. Apparently they'll talk among themselves to figure out if I'm still worthy of their time and a reschedule. Yeah, I feel like this is definitely God telling me not to worry about this opportunity passing me by. Oh well.)

- While walking through town on my way to the interview, I passed by a new Thai massage parlor/spa that's just opened up. The front door opened up right before I passed it, and one of my classmates from Weegie class popped out, and ambushed me with a hug. Apparently, she works there with a couple of her sisters, and insisted that I take a quick tour of the joint so I would be convinced of my need to book an appointment. It was cute. I didn't book right there of course, but touring was neat, and saying 'hi' to everyone was too!
It does look pretty nice actually...maybe I will head in there for a massage someday!

- After the lack-of-interview interview, I headed down to the restaurant I was hired at because there was a menu tasting event for the servers/bartenders. We're changing pretty much our whole menu before the month is out, so I got to sit down with some fun gals I work with, and get served beautiful, DELICIOUS gourmet dishes. Suffice it to say, I'm wicked full, and really impressed. Our food rocks!
(to clarify, I am hired at the restaurant. My hours are very few and far between while I'm training, and not until August/September will I have a proper weekly schedule. Though the food/atmosphere/people are great, it's still just a restaurant, and not my dream job. Thus, I am also still looking.)

So now I'm back home again, hanging with the pups. I might bake something a little later, being as I'm still swimming in baking supplies sent over in care packages from the States! Last weekend I made a couple dozen cupcakes (which of course are long-gone!), and I still have bags of chocolate chips, and cookie and cake mixes to go!

I'm working this weekend, so until then, I'll just be home, missing my Husband. Boo.