Monday, May 30, 2011

I knew I started a twitter account for a reason...

First, I have to say how stoked I am for volume 2 of the graphic novel series American Vampire to be released! I believe it officially is released tomorrow in the States, but being as I preordered it AGES ago(as in, as soon as it was listed for pre-order), my copy just shipped this morning from the States.
Have any of you read the first volume? Anyone else into the series?

Volume 1
Volume 2
If you're into graphic novels, and the genre, it's shaping up to be a great series. It started as a collaborative project, half of the story/characters written by Scott Snyder, and the other half by Stephen King in the first volume. Snyder has taken over now, and the amazing illustrative work is by Rafael Albuquerque. Check it out for yourself!

So, awesome, right? Whatever, another book release that I'm jazzed for and preordered way back when volume one was released and I loved it. Pretty routine thus far.

Yeah, right up to the part where I woke up this morning to a tweet from Scott Snyder himself, thanking me for being so into the series, and having tweeted about my excitement when I got my shipping confirmation email the other day.

I didn't tweet my message of excitement to him or anything else in any way, but he saw it somehow, and took the time to reply just to me as a fan/admirer of his work in the series.

Blew my mind, and made my day. That's right. Had a star-struck moment because a rad author randomly sent me a message. So. Cool.


Well, work this past weekend went pretty well. Had my usual opening-closing shifts at the bar...we were pretty slow all three days, unfortunately though.

So then this morning I got a call from my manager, asking if I'd like to pick up a couple of shifts at work tomorrow and Wednesday, for my usual opening-closing shift.

Awesome, right? More hours, more money, all that. So I excepted, as usual. Throughout the history of my working life, I don't think I've hardly ever turned down an opened-up/offered shift. At any of my jobs. Ever.

As soon as I got off the phone with my manager, I realized though that it might not have been the best of ideas...especially the Tuesday shift (tomorrow).

Being as, tomorrow at 10.15 a.m., and then Wednesday at 8.45 a.m. I'm taking the highest level national Weegie exam.

Surprisingly I'm not that nervous about them in general. Which is very uncharacteristic of me before an exam.
I know that the listening and reading comprehension exercises won't be a problem for me. The Hubs reassures me that the oral section, where we're engaged in conversation for an odd 15-minutes won't be an issue either. So as long as I can iron out some of the kinks in my grammar/sentence structure when I'm writing the essay section, I'll be golden!

But now, obviously I'm going to have to try real hard to make sure I get enough sleep/study time this evening and enough rest tomorrow evening, despite my shift at the bar.

I guess I'm just one of those thinly-spread type gals. Even since I can remember, I voluntarily heap my plate full of things to do all at once. So even though I'm also a bit tightly-wound and a perfectionist by nature (apparently since birth, according to my Mother), I guess I feel a bit bored and lazy when I'm not running around like mad most days.

Anyway! Any well wishes/prayers/good vibes sent my way, as always, will be accepted and appreciated as far as my tests are concerned. I know I'm praying for the best too!

I'll be back around after my tests and work shifts are finished in the next couple of days...hopefully with good news!

I was also thinking it might be kind of fun do do a few 'my favorite top 5' lists later in the week, here at LIO. It's pretty standard to do favorite movies, books, and all I'm thinking of doing something a little more random/original. Any suggestions for topics, dear readers? Bring it on!

Have a great week, everyone!