Monday, May 16, 2011

Independence day, and barking dogs...

So Blogger has been quirky for the past few days, plus I've been super busy, working 7-9 hour shifts at the bar for three days straight, thus little to no blogging around here.

I'm thankful for work, and getting used to being on my feet for long hours again, but it's not easy! The Hubs got back from his military exercise on Friday afternoon, and I was so glad!
Now we're in the clear for another calendar year(hopefully!), and just trying to get back into the swing of things.

Tomorrow is Norway's Independence day, and is celebrated with parades, traditional Weegie dress, loud music and grilling...for me, this year, it will be celebrated by a work shift in the restaurant from opening to closing.

Other than a handful of other cafes and restaurants, we'll be pretty much the only joint open for business in town tomorrow, and according to my co-workers and managers, for the past few years it has also been the busiest day all year for us. By quite a bit.
I've been getting more and more comfortable as a bartender, and more stressed on our restaurant level. So honestly, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Downtown will be super hectic, and since the Hubs isn't working (like most of the country), he'll drive me in and pick me up from work tomorrow...also because I probably wouldn't be able to find a parking spot around town tomorrow even if I wanted to.


Finally, in an exciting point of news, the Hubs is taking me away for the weekend as a birthday trip/surprise.
I am so excited, and so grateful to have a Husband that knows that I need some time away from our daily lives and stress, just the two of us, to unwind a bit and reconnect as a couple. I only know a little bit about our trip at this point...
- we'll be leaving around noon on Friday, and driving approximately 2.5-3 hours inland to our destination.
- we're spending the night Friday, and Saturday, then coming home Sunday afternoon/evening.
- we're staying at a hotel/spa resort. The Hubs set us up with a romantic getaway package, including an anti-stress body scrub/wrap and full body massage for yours truly. (SO EXCITED.)
- my in-laws will be taking care of the pups while we're gone. (Little nervous on that one, to be honest.)

Weegie men are usually not a real romantic breed, but the Hubs shocked me and really pulled out the stops on this one. My birthday is in exactly ten days, and it's my special birthday too! (I'm turning 26 on the 26th)
I still can't believe he did all this on his own!

I got a birthday package from my Mom in the mail this last weekend that included a fancy new digital camera that I can use during our special weekend, so I'll be sure to post after we get back with some photos of our mystery location...

Anyway, I'll leave you all with a video that I took a couple of weeks ago. This is my daily life, when the Hubs comes home from work...