Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Weegie Milestone...erm, at least something neat.

So here in Norway, the practice of subscribing to printed materials, especially newspapers, is definitely not a thing of the past.

I couldn't find a nifty statistic for you all, but I am pretty sure that Norway is right up there in the top handful of Western countries with the most subscriptions these days. And of course, if a culture/people are down with subscriptions they also don't usually limit them to newspapers. It's not unusual for a household here to have upwards of 2-3 different publications delivered daily, weekly and or monthly.
It's not that Weegies aren't aware of the ability to check news and whatnot online, it seems as though they're just still content with and prefer to subscribe via mail. Old school.

Coming from the U.S., where in the past few years an emerging crisis of printed-media proportions i present, it's neat to see people still so immersed in news/entertainment coming to them in the old-fashioned way! Here in Norway, I can't see too many newspapers going under due to lack of subscription/interest, or dominance of internet media!

So anyway now that you all are aware of the thriving printed media/entertainment here in Norway, I can share my little bit of excitement...

I am now officially part of that group of subscribers! Though the Hubs and I don't have our own home-address to subscribe with just yet, I managed to find something that I wanted to read/subscribe to, and took the plunge!

Issue #1

The Aftenposten is the most read/subscribed newspaper here in Norway, and our un-official national news source, based from the capital city of Oslo.

Their newest endeavor is a separate, monthly magazine publication called Aftenposten K. The "K" stands for kultur (guess what that means!), and their first issue came out just last month. I snapped it up from newsstands on the way to the Hub's and I's weekend retreat for something to read. It's good practice of course for my Weegie skills, but also covers topics that I'm genuinely interested in! Win-win!

Along the top right-hand corner of the cover is printed what kind of topics the magazine covers monthly: "music, film/tv, literature, theatre, art, architecture". Definitely my kind of topics!

So anyway, once I got my subscription ordered, set up and paid for, I felt kind of accomplished. It might sound silly, but I can confirm that for an expat/immigrant, sometimes the little things are what make you feel most at home. Having my own subscription to a Norwegian media publication, in my name, that I'm really excited about makes me really excited!
In the States, my family has always had at least a handful of magazine subscriptions coming to the house at any given point, for someone to read. And even living on my own, I had a couple.

And now I have my own magazine subscription again!

Sure, you can chalk it up to another aspect of my blazing geekdom if you want. But I'm still excited! Feeling like a real-life, adult member of Weegie society!

Now I just need to cough up the dough for an international National Geographic, it's not a Weegie publication, but it has always been one of my absolute favorites!