Thursday, June 2, 2011

A little football to tide you over...

That's right, dear about a little football coverage to tide you all over until a real blog entry rears it's little head?

Now I don't mean exciting American football, or even Champion's league coverage (the Hub's personal favorite), but instead, the emerging, exciting world of glass-egg football.

You're confused now, right?

It's ok. It's only got a cult following thus far, but soon, glass-egg football might be an Olympic-qualifying support...if the Olympics were ok with teams of small, loud dogs.

A little disclaimer first:
My dogs were under supervision the entire time this was going down. The glass-egg in question is solid glass, and is not something they are normally allowed to play with. In fact, before this video was taken, they had never seen it. Right after shooting this video, I took the egg back and they won't be allowed it again. There was never any immediate danger to the pups. Thank you.

Also a bit of backstory: I had a scented candle on this decorative plate here on our coffee table, surrounded by these Ikea, solid glass, decorative eggs. When the candle finally burnt out, I was sitting on the floor cleaning out the tray, and had laid all seven of the 'eggs' on the floor in front of me. Suddenly, Daisy, that mean little Scottish dog batted one of the eggs away and started playing with it. Glass-egg football was born...and of course her brother jumped in on a little of the action, as usual...

Please excuse/ignore my annoying recorded voice. I just pray to God that this is not how I actually sound...