Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday funday...I guess.

Well I ended up picking up shifts Tuesday-Thursday, and yesterday (Saturday) this week...alongside my Weegie exams and daily life, I was pretty busy!

I think the exam went alright, btw. The reading comp. and listening sections were really easy for me. I just hope that my grammar was alright when I wrote my essays! Also, to clarify, I was taking the level 3 exams, not the Bergenstest. All of the instructors around the area refer to the level 3's as the highest, because generally speaking, they are. The Bergenstest is recommended/required only for immigrants that wish to attend university in Norway, or that were professionals in the medical/educational field in their home countries and wish to continue in those areas here in Norway.
Since I wish to attend university here in Norway, and have a master's in education, I'll be taking the Bergenstest someday in the near future too!

Anyway. Since this week was pretty busy, I didn't do much other than work, study, sleep, clean and make food for the Hubs...but I DID manage to read two amazing books this week.

Yes, two in one week! (I read three this past week actually, but two of them were especially great.)

If you're not familiar with either of these, and are a reader, like myself: check them out! If you're even in the least bit taken with the descriptions, I would highly recommend them. At the end of both of these, I was still reeling for a bit afterwards. That good.
I'm about to fire up the movie version of Atonement from 2007 as well. Never did see it. Now I'm really glad that I waited to until I had read the book.
Were any of you fans of the film or written version?
Have any of you ever read The Lace Reader?
Let me know!

Anyway, this week looks like it will be a bit more mellow, so I'll try and get some more worthwhile posts cranked out.

I guess the Hubs and I are heading out to see the newest X-Men movie later this evening, maybe even making it into a double feature by tacking The Hangover 2 onto it! (I was raised on X-Men, so I'm definitely along for the ride on that one!)

Hope you all had a great week/end, and wishing you an amazing week to come!

p.s. - The responses to 'glass egg football' totally made my day. Thank you all for both not accusing me of dog abuse, and assuring me that my voice is not all that atrocious.