Monday, July 11, 2011

A bit of a delayed reaction...

So I don't know how I managed to do caught up with me I guess. But I totally forgot to both blog, and even tell my family some exciting/great news that I received a couple of weeks ago.
When I was on the phone this weekend with my Mom, I finally remembered! So here it goes, on the public realm too...

I got my results in the mail for the big fat Weegie exam that I took at the end of May. It's not the absolute highest Weegie exam there is. There is an exam that is approximately university-level Norwegian language/competency. The exam I passed though is the highest level exam that most immigrants ever take or need to take, and it's approximately high school-level Norwegian language/competency.

And guess what...

I passed!

I still can't quite believe it, and am really proud of myself. I was SO nervous that my essay portion would have just one too many prepositional mistakes (my kryptonite!) for me to pass the entire exam....but I made it!
The final and highest exam is for immigrants that wish to attend university here in Norway, and/or those that have higher education degrees from their respective home countries and wish to practice in the fields of medicine and education here in Norway too.

Since I both have teaching/education degrees from outside Norway, AND want to get my phd sometime in the near future...I need to pass that exam too!

I believe I can take it in November, here in hopefully my luck will hold out, and I can pass that's great validation for someone who will never be a born/bred Weegie.

Just got to try and keep speaking as much Norwegian with the Hubs as possible, and take a glance at my books once in a while too!

But hooray, right? One less thing!