Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flowers and the Flu...

I don't mean to be a total downer or anything, so please forgive me if all of these posts about the July 22 tragedy in Oslo are too much to read over and over again.

For most of the world, it's a passing sad moment. Something that gets overshadowed by breaking news that's occurring closer to home.

And that's just how it is for most people, I think. Sympathy, condolences and prayers are always appreciated and a blessing to people/a nation experiencing a tragedy. But when one is so far removed (geographically) from events happening in other places in the world, sad news gets old fast.
That being said, I'm not planning on posting a whole lot more about the events of the last week here in Norway. I did find some amazing photos though that I wanted to share, depicting Oslo now, after the events of last weekend.
People have been holding candlelight vigils and memorial services all over the country, and in the capital especially, flowers are being left, literally by the thousands...

Apparently this is half of the square outside the main cathedral in Oslo. The photo is taken from one of the church balconies. That's a sea of flowers in the middle, with people all around them...

(All photos courtesy of NRK. Check out the entire photo collection here.)

Isn't that amazing and beautiful?

The photos alone brought tears to my eyes!
The responses of out-most sympathy/empathy, love and solidarity among my new country really are amazing. There's no prevailing sense of anger, or plots for revenge.
At this point in time, the casualty number has been updated to 76 from both incidents. (How it went down, I don't quite understand.) As of today it seems like there is only one person still missing from the island shooting. I'm just praying that this person's family finds the answers and comfort they need very soon. The police/prime minister have now started realising the names of the victims, who came from all over the country, especially in the case of the summer youth camp shooting.
The man who did these terrible things is no devil, no monster, but a very sick, very disturbed man who will ultimately have to answer to God for his sins here on Earth, just like everyone else.
Psychology experts from around the world are labelling him as a classic violent sociopath. His ideas about the world are incredibly distorted and hateful, and it still seems he acted alone. It will definitely be interesting to see how his trial and the legal process pans out.


As promised, and aside from national type news, the news around our humble home has been revolving around one central point for the past odd week or so: we're all sick.

Popular opinion believes that one of my brother-in-laws brought home the bug after attending some outdoor music festivals around Scandinavia a couple of weeks ago. The Hubs and his siblings came down with it first (last week), then my in-laws, then finally on Sunday evening it started taking me down...
I've had fevers, shakes, and no voice for a couple days with a general yuck. Today I'm feeling much better, my voice is coming back, and I have an appetite and everything! So I'm trying to unearth myself from the pile of laundry that's accumulated over the sick-y week, and I've baked my trademark yummy summer strawberry pie too!

How's that for re-cooperating from a flu/cold bug?

Wishing you all a blessed and healthy week this week!

p.s. - How do you all like the new look here on the blog? I'm RUBBISH at blog design and html coding. As in, I can't do it at all. So I'm at the mercy of automatic templates and whatnot here on blogger. But I kind of liked was time for a little change!