Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Bad.

Reasons why I suck this week:

1. I haven't blogged or done much in the way of productivity.
2. No Faith Friday yesterday.

And now, I come before you, my darling readers, to announce that I don't have a whole lot to offer. Not in the way of faith itself...that I try to keep that maintained and at a healthy level in my heart at all times!

Rather I'm just lacking some legit inspiration on what to share with you all in the way of faith. All I really have to offer is what I've been reading/meditating on in my own study this week...

Lately, I've been re-reading books 1-3 John in the New Testament. You might remember that one of my absolute favorite verses ever is 1John 4:7 (mentioned in the first ever Faith Friday!), but a week or so ago I realized that I felt like I hadn't spent enough time in those books...and I felt like that was where God was leading me in my Bible study.

Are any of you well-acquainted with 1John, 2 John or 3John? Do you have inspiring or favorite parts in these books? Please share!

The first epistle of John is really amazing, as it is responsible for giving us some really great metaphors for the Lord. Metaphors that are now commonplace and know by  followers of the Word all across the world! In this letter, John proclaims God to be Love and Light among other things.


Sound familiar?

Next week, I'll try and delve into one or more of the three epistles of John in the New Testament...more in depth anyway. Stay tuned!


Finally, how about a song of the week? A romantic one too. Awww, cuteness.

This is a song that the Viking, my stellar Husband sings to me routinely...sort of one of our songs. An oldie, but a goodie, as my Mom would say! Plus, check out the announcer's hair at the beginning. CREEPER.