Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One step closer to the dream...

So I've been meaning to post about these sweet little tea cups since I bought them, then after I happily described my find to my Mom a little while ago, she made me promise that I would post photos!
Plus what use is a blog if you can't brag a little every once and a while? ;)

There were only two color variations, so I picked up three of each color to make up a six cup set. Check it out:

Check out the little heat-saucers with color-corresponding lacey designs! I fell in love!
I did particularly well with tips at the bar one stressful night, so I treated myself at one of my favorite boutique-y shops in town where I had seen these babies a couple weeks before.

They are just my style. And I just LOVE matryoshka dolls.

Now it's not really an American standard/tradition for households/ladies to have a teaset. But let's be honest with each other here, no matter how patriotic I might wax, and how much I love my country's history, I'm not your average American.
I didn't get a classy tea set for my wedding or as a newlywed as is traditional in the U.K...and I might be a little jaded about that.
It just means that I'm still on the look out for myself, and waiting to find the perfect set (or three) for my home.

I am, after all, practically certifiably obsessed with tea. So naturally I can't wait to find that perfect, complete tea set for my home!

This little teacup set though, will do me just fine for now. I have them all wrapped up and safe for a day in the (hopefully quite near) future where they'll be sitting pretty alongside some of my other fancy/fun wares.

What do you all think of my find?