Friday, July 15, 2011

Portals and what not.

For this week's Faith Friday, I just wanted to touch real quickly on the topic of devotions.

Not your devotion to the Lord as a child of God, but rather devotions or short meditations that work hand-in-hand with the scriptures.

If you grew up in the Lutheran church in the U.S. as I did, you'll find this to be a familiar sight:

Just a random cover I found with my Google-fu. Every cover is a nature-based/related photo...

Quarterly the Concordia press prints a pocket-sized book of daily devotions aimed for members of the Missouri-synod Lutheran church across the nation. Each day of the handful of months per issue is given a page inside the booklet; there's usually two bible verses (one old testament and one new testament) at the top of the page, then a paragraph that ties them together, often with 21st century daily life examples. The bottom of the page shows a short prayer for the day, as well as there being a small collection of prayers in the back of the volume for any holy day included during the time period.
Often church congregations will order enough copies of the quarterly release for families to pick them up free to use at home. Individuals can also subscribe online for copies sent directly to their homes. (If you're interested, that can be done over here)

Do any of you read this publication, or are familiar with it?

Personally, I grew up with these little booklets, and remember checking to see what the photograph would be each issue, as they were (still are!) always pretty nature-type photos. My Mom has sent me a few issues since moving to Norway, and I have a little collection of my own stashed away somewhere still!

Anyway, I really like the Portals of Prayer series, because even if you're really busy every day, the devotions can be completed in just a few minutes with your Bible nearby. I think that everyone willing can find five minutes or less for a moment of reflection and study with God. Don't you?

I will meditate on all your works and consider all Your mighty deeds.
 Psalm 77:12

I'm always open to suggestions and recommendations for any new devotional reading. How often do you all do some kind of Bible study/devotion? Do you have a devotion guide that you are really into?

Please share!