Friday, July 29, 2011

Waterboarding is so 2008.

So we went to the new, dogpark in Haugesund this evening just to check it out.

We miss the Steilacoom dogpark in Washington that we were regulars at with the pups! It's great that we finally have a proper dogpark here in town, and it's brand new so attracting excitement from dog-owners around the area.

It was pretty tiny,  and half mud, but there were TONS of cute pups and their owners, which all seemed like cool people.

The worst thing, our dogs, who used to be little celebrities among dog park regulars back in Washington were SO freaked out when we got there. They hadn't seen a dog park in almost two years.
I wanted to cry, because we had to haul them through the gate, they were so spooked at the strange dog welcoming party.
Gatsby warmed up after a while and did alright in general, but didn't socialize much.
Daisy was VERY overstimulated and had to go back on her leash right before we left because she was being a little too defensive-aggressive for our liking when dogs would approach her and want to play/sniff.
Hopefully after a few more trips they'll get back into the dogpark swing of things, and will be just as excited as they were in Washington to hear us ask; "want to drive to the dogpark?"

Finally, they both managed to roll in something that smelled TERRIBLE at the dogpark, and were sort of smelly anyway, so after we got home(before stopping to sate the Hub's kebab plate cravings), we commenced necessary double doggy torture:

The happy torturer...aren't they supposed to wear masks to protect their identity or something?

Now we're in for the night like the happy old married couple we are. Had some lovely kebab restaurant food, and are getting ready to settle in with a great childhood-vintage flick of my choosing Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

What are you all doing to kick off your weekend?


For a mini-Faith Friday, I've decided to share one of the people that inspire me the most with their faith and dedication to the Lord, and maybe most of all the way they exemplify important Christian character values like compassion, charity, honesty and justice...a man who most people don't know about or have never heard from, which is very unjust!


Andre and Magda Trocme.
Andre was a protestant pastor serving in rural France during Nazi occupation. He was a strong pacifist who believed in resisting the ruling Nazi party by hiding and integrating refugee Jews (especially children) among willing parishoners in his small French village. Many of the Jews that made it to the village were guided by villagers across the boarder into Switzerland, to safety. By instilling in his village that their Christian duty was to help anyone in need, he helped save approximately 5,000 lives.
I first learned about him in college where I read an amazing book about he and his wife and how they motivated and lead the people of their village to protect innocent human lives during the war. I would DEFINITELY recommend checking it out.

What about you all, do you have someone you look up to that isn't (for whatever reason) incredibly well-known?