Sunday, August 7, 2011

Again, my bad.


Where did this last week go?

I'll 'fess up to something, dear readers...I definitely didn't hit the ground running this week! After being off work at the bar for the whole month of July, once my first shift back came around this week, it kicked my butt!

As evidenced here, I definitely didn't have extra time on my hands this week...even to blog! So I missed out on faith friday, a song of the week, and all that.
It bummed me out, trust me!
My ability to get everything figured out this week didn't extend only to my blog...the Hubs and I had planned to get up and go to church this morning (as usual) and somehow we both slept past our alarm and for a grand total of almost twelve hours.

Yeah, that was no typo. Twelve hours, y'all.

The Hubs had been out celebrating his best friend's birthday last night, and that was his excuse. But for me, a notorious light sleeper, it was definitely a confirmation of how tired and spent I was from my work week...
My limbs were even asleep when I woke up! It was like I had been in a motionless coma for an embarassingly long amount of time.

This coming week, Haugesund celebrates the 25th anniversary of the notorious Sildajazz ('herring jazz') festival and the bar and restaurant are already prepped to be slammed. That means 10+ hour shifts on my feet, behind the bar, and spending an average of 15 waking minutes with my Viking of a Husband a day...if we're lucky. :(
I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited, and just hoping that now that I've got a week back at work under my belt, I won't be as exhausted this time next week!

Who am I kidding? This coming week will be much crazier than last week! We've tented off our courtyard at work and will be having concerts of our own going on during the festivities. Thankfully I've got some help during the weekend-night hours from some fabulous ladies.

So with some quality rest, and if I'm lucky, a few proper meals squeezed in there, I'll be around this time next week to tell the tale.

So have a wonderful week, everyone...let's hope we all do! I'll check in when I can during the madness of my work schedule during festival week...