Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A great cause!

Blogging two days in a row...while working....and sick?!

Crazy, right?

Well I had to pop by today just to share this AMAZING cause to jump behind with you all. Now first, you know I wouldn't pollute your blog feed with junk, so bear with me here...

If you're like me (and generations of other American-raised children) you grew up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow and TONS of other incredible, educational programs designed for little children and their families.

Well, even if you're an expat now, like I am, you've probably heard that with all the economic issues the U.S. has been swimming in during the past few years, Public Broadcasting (PBS network) is in danger of disappearing and or losing what little funding they are allocated at all...

I admit, when I first heard that the only channel that my siblings and I were allowed to watch when we were younger, could suddenly cease to exist, I was totally shocked and honestly completely livid.

Well, darling readers, I encourage, in fact, BEG for you all to head over to the this petition website that is striving to support PBS and it's many sister projects.
It only will take a moment, and get this; if you can provide a U.S. zip code when you sign/support now, you get this amazing compilation soundtrack filled with INSANELY AWESOME artists like Tom Waits and Neko Case, that also support the a FREE download.

What's not to love about this?!

Don't let PBS fade away! Don't sit by when a whole minute of your time could provide real support for the education of future generations of Americans!

Stop reading, GO, SIGN, NOW!

For all of you that will actually head over and support PBS, I thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.<3