Tuesday, August 23, 2011


'Cause here's the short and skinny of it:

First, we inadvertently started a bidding war on the house that we loved, and knocked ourselves out of it.

Secondly, we found out after we were outbid that the mortgage loans we were granted were not applicable in the county that the house was located in anyway.

Yesterday we went and saw a great little house out in country. No really, smack dab in near M-O-N territory. Which is how I like 'em, to be honest. Great thing other than the private, quiet country location of this house? It's already all renovated/updated and all that as of a few years ago. Really truly move-in-ready.

This morning we put a bit on said lovely country home.

The sellers and any other interested parties have until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow to respond with higher bids, or acceptance/rejection of our offer.

Since last night when the Hubs and I decided to place a bid on the house, I feel like I've been praying non-stop. I've definitely been chatting God's ear off lately. Let Go and Let God, right?

Soon I'm getting ready to head out for a shift at the bar. As usual. It's a Tuesday, but I hope it will busy enough to distract me from the countdown that's going on inside my head, over our bid...

So that's what's going down in our little stress/intense bubble of house hunting around these parts, kids...

Also, I've just gotten back from a nice little walk with the pups down to the lake and back.
Let them both run like little wolf puppies. Gatsby was on a sniffing/marking spree, and Daisy swam and chased seagulls, barking like a madwoman the whole time. At one point, I had to physically restrain her from leaping off the end of the swimming dock (into app. 6-8 foot deep water) to take out a couple of particularly rude, snarky gulls that were paddling just out of reach. Those feathered bastards.

They always manage to help humble me and make me feel good again, those little pups of mine. The sheer, unadulterated happiness across their little faces when their leashes are unclipped and they can run wild for a bit in a beautiful place....it can't not make you relax and smile right along with them.

So thanks, my precious furry babies. That was just what I needed today. Mama loves you. <3

Stay tuned for breaking house hunt 2011 news, kids!