Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Take it away, Joss...

So after a nice cushy weekend in which my in-laws (everyone except on of my brother-in-laws) left for a couple weeks of vacation, leaving Hubs and I the house to ourselves...it's Monday and time to hit the grind again.

More accurately, for me, the grind officially begins tomorrow evening. I'm heading back to work at the bar for the first time in a month...

I'm excited, and a little nervous. Supposedly August is one of our busiest months of the year. There are two HUGE draws to town this month in the shape of our world famous 'Herring Jazz' festival and then an international film festival too!

The bar is open to crazy hours, and even opens early a few days, and yours truly is the lady in charge too! On weekends I have a helper with me to sling drinks behind the bar, but during the week, I'm always flying solo. So my goal is just to keep my cool, do my best and even listen to some of the live music that will be blasting from outside...we're tenting off our courtyard and doing private concerts by the way too!

So I thought, to start the week off, I would share one of my FAVORITE soul-jams from my sista Joss Stone...I think she'll definitely be making an appearance or five on my bar playlists that I pump through our soundsystems!

So take it away, Joss, and hope all you darling readers have an amazing week. I'll pop in later, when I can!