Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What a week.

Really. What a week I've had in this last week.

So the jazz festival was last Wednesday through Saturday. Yours truly put in 12-14.5 hour shifts on all four days at the bar where I work. Needless to say, by the time Saturday night rolled around I was burning a short fuse, exhausted and ready for some real rest.

Not getting home until 5a.m.-ish after reasoning with/serving drunk Weegies all night...one can only handle so many consecutive days in a row of that, folks.

So anyway, our bar/restaurant had great sales for the week, served thousands of people, hosted amazing bands/musicians, and all the staff even made it out the other end alive and remotely unscathed. So I guess in general, we can write off the past week as a success.

Some of you might remember that the week before last I had been feeling really under the weather. A lovely, intense summer cold had swept through the family and seemed to lay me low the hardest.
Well after a week of little to no sleep/proper nutrition while working the jazz festival, the sickness has seemingly reared its ugly head again...

Since Sunday evening I've been coughing myself dizzy, having no appetite, and fever spikes/sweats that will only break for a few hours at a time. The glands in my throat are HUGE and tender, and even though I'm starving and nauseated from not eating anything, when I try and actually have some food, it's just too much work and turns me off completely.

So waking up with a fever of 103F this morning, I called off of work...but I'll try and head in for my shift tomorrow, if I can. I figure if I can manage to eat something this evening, keep taking some ibuprofen, and get some rest, I'll be able to get well again.

Did I mention that within 48hours of the jazz festival wrapping up, the International Film Festival starts in town? That's right. It's this week.

So this week at work promises to be pretty wild too.

Combine my health along with getting jacked around by the bank/county as far as our mortgage applications go, it hasn't been the best week. :(

Let's just all hope and pray for better to come, shall we?


Finally, regardless of how sicky/crappy my last week has been, it just can't be ignored that today is the 34th anniversary of the death of our beloved King himself, Elvis Presley.

What a dream boat, right? R.I.P

He's a legend and big part of my family/childhood, how about yours?
My little sister especially has always been the biggest fan/admirer...as in, by the age of three, she could identify his music/photo without error. She would stop what she was doing and famously say; "Oh, it's Elvvy!"

Take a minute today to listen to some of his music in remembrance.

Magic, I tell you. Magic. (1956 - The Milton Berle Program)