Thursday, September 1, 2011

God is SO Good.

Well, darling readers, here I am.

This last odd week has been a WHIRLWIND, let me tell you.

I shared our happy escrow news last week, pretty much right after the Hubs and I found out. So since then, we've been distracted, a little stressed, and still both working full-time!

Yesterday though, the Hubs did some home-office work so that we could both go to the realtor's office during the afternoon...for our closing meeting!

That's right, we met with our real estate agent and the wonderful family that we're buying our new home from. We went through all the paperwork, signed our official purchasing contract, and even got our little congratulatory gift from the bank! (Lol!)

As if that wasn't amazing enough on it's own, there were even more unexpected, amazing blessings yesterday!

During the meeting, we got a chance to chat with the lady who now owns our home, who offered us their brand new dishwasher that's currently in the house...I guess the house that they just purchased had a dishwasher included, so they don't need to bring theirs (which is in our soon-to-be home) along when they moved...
Since the Hubs and I are setting up house for the first time here in Norway, we're starting with essentially nothing. Sure we have pretty much everything in the way of housewares that we need, from previous apartments in the States and what not...but as far as furniture and appliances go, we need pretty much everything.

So obviously, even with my Husband's awesome spreadsheet budgeting, and some thrifty shopping, moving into the new house will definitely set us back a whole lot!

Getting the news yesterday, that a dishwasher that's only a year old will be waiting for us in our new home, and we can save that money we originally budgeted for one (or spend it elsewhere!), was SUCH a blessing!

Right after we were dealt the awesome dishwasher news, the sellers of our house also told us that we could take over official ownership of our new home nearly a whole week earlier than we had planned to!

We'll get the keys, and do a walk-through of the house/around the perimeter of our property on the 26th of September. That's less than a month away!

The Hubs and I left our closing meeting feeling so excited!

We stopped for a cup of coffee then ran to the store on the way home to pick up some stuff...

On the way out of the store (with our shopping buggy busting!) I ran into one of my classmates from my Weegie courses. He's a really nice man from Afghanistan who has been in Norway for the past few years now. When I asked him how he was doing (since I hadn't seen him in ages), he got the biggest grin on his face, and excitedly told me that after nearly THREE YEARS of being separated from his wife, children and elderly parent, he had finally gotten a proper job here in Norway, and his family has all been granted their visas so they'll be here by the end of this month!

Can you imagine, being separated from your children and loved ones for YEARS, in a strange new foreign country, and not even being able to visit them while you wait for citizenship stuff to come through? Can you imagine finally being reunited as a family and being able to be together again?

Right there in the parking lot, I started crying for him. He got choked up and couldn't believe how happy/emotional his news had made me, but I couldn't help it! Just knowing that his family will finally all be safe and together again was AMAZING news...and I've never even met them!

Yesterday was truly a day full of the Lord's blessings. A day we are so thankful for.

God is SO good! Praise Him!