Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's Try it One More Time...

So yesterday, we were all stoked to move, the Hubs had our new appliances loaded up in the company panel van he borrowed...

Then, as we're sitting in the driveway of the new house waiting, we get word that because of what could possibly be THE worst instance of corporate miscommunication, we would have to wait, and not proceed with the day as planned.

The real estate firm we purchased our home with, claimed that the payment of one of our loans didn't reach them yet, thus the official deed handoff couldn't happen on Monday as planned.

In short, we were devastated.
The Hubs has been testy and on the phone all morning to get them to communicate.
The last of our loan payments actually were transferred last Friday afternoon, but for whatever reason, the two companies did not get their wires crossed in the right place until this morning...after some serious talk with my Viking.

So now, I'm off, for the move as planned...let's hope it does go as planned tonight!

Gotta go, the Hubs and my Father-in-law are loading up the last of the big heavy appliances and boxes for our first trip...wish us luck!