Monday, September 26, 2011

Really? 10 Days?!

Well you know it's time to blog when your Viking-husband randomly exclaims; "Honey, you haven't blogged in ten days!".

True story, y'all.

But I figured you darlings would possibly forgive me, as this a a CRAZY, CRAZY time for my little family!
Crazy yes, and a bit stressful while the Hubs and I are working out all the kinks of the move...but such a wonderful time too, obviously!

Tomorrow is the day. Finally. Moving day.

I can honestly say that I feel like I've been waiting for what tomorrow brings, for my whole life. My own house. Filled with my things, my family, and my pets. Not an apartment, not a dorm room. No roomates. A big fenced in yard. A quiet, country location.
I know how lucky we are. We're not moving into a traditional starter home that young families often have to settle for...we're moving into something that's practically everything I want in a home, period.
And other than a whole lot of painting to be done, we're moving right in to start our little country lives!

Is there anything really like that on earth? Truly having your own peaceful place for your family?

I don't think so.

So tonight the Hubs and I went to church, as usual, which is just getting better and better by the week, btw.
I find myself looking forward to church every week now...I don't think it's just the moving-type stress either. The Hubs and I are still new faces at our new little church, but being greeted by my name when we come in, chatting with our fellow parishoners over's so nice. It feels like home.

Every week it feels like I'm just pulling my plug and resetting myself for the week to come.

(How's that for a 21st century analogy?)

And I really need that every week!
Tapping into a real, spiritual, faith-filled group and time of the week, just makes me feel great. I walk out of the service with this feeling of refreshment and renewal...and this week coming up, I'm sure that feeling from the service earlier tonight will be that much more impactful and important!

So anyway, we've tried to hatch out a bit of a gameplan for tomorrow's's what it looks like:

- The Hubs will get up and go to work as usual for a Monday morning...he'll leave work early driving a company transport van with all the backseat rows removed for optimized storage space, we're borrowing it for the day to get our big things/furniture moved quick.
- In the meanwhile, I'll be doing some serious cleaning here where we've been living, including stripping our bed linens to be clean when we set our bed back up in the new house. I also have to run to town and pick up some cleaning supplies and other needed junk, all while doing more packing of course...
- The Hubs will leave work early, and go directly to the store to pick up our new appliances, then swing by the house to pick me up on the way to the new house with new appliances in tow to be officially handed the keys, and do the final walk-through of the home, and around our property lines.
-We'll unload the appliances, then head back to the Hub's parent's and grandparent's respective homes to start loading up the van...this step will be repeated until we're exhausted or it gets too late at night...whichever comes first.
But we WILL be spending the night in our new home, so we have to at least get our bed, fridge/freezer units, a few changes of clothes, the pups and their stuff, and food moved tomorrow. Period.

We're planning on letting the dogs hang out here at the in-laws house until we at least have our bed set back up in the new house, and we've got boxes and big items situated in their respective places. I know that moving will be stressful and confusing for them no matter what...but I just hope that this plan will be the best way to get them situated in their new home. And I have absolute faith that they will GO MAD once they realize that all the space around the new house is all theirs, and our neighbors are herds of sheep.

Well, that's the skinny of it all, folks...and I stayed up late to relay it to you...that and stream the season premiere of Sister Wives. Ahem.

Keep us in your prayers this week, everyone! Especially for the first couple days this week...they are sure to pack a punch!

I'll be back with photos of the moving process and all as soon as I've got them...have a beautiful week, everyone!