Friday, September 2, 2011

A Special Family

Oh my goodness, I've neglected Faith Friday for EVER now! The Hubs and I have been super busy with all our house business all while both working our respective full-time schedules!

But anyway, I have a little question for you all for this Faith you have a church family?

Ever since I was a little girl I've had amazing experiences with church families.

Growing up in the Lutheran church in the Midwest, I attended elementary school at the private parochial school run by our church....with class sizes averaging less than 10 pupils every academic year! We had the same teachers for repeat levels, and obviously grew up a lot like siblings in our little classrooms that pretty much always had the same children/families in them.
Going to chapel every morning, and having Bible class as part of our curriculum was SO amazing. It's something that I wish I could give my own future children that will grow up here in Norway. Truly experiences that shaped my life, and ones I'm so thankful for.

So among my awesome upbringing in church school, my family was always very involved in the church. My two siblings and I were literally raised up IN the church! My Mom was the #1 volunteer for projects across the board! You name it, she was probably spearheading it, or at least playing a big part in whatever the church and/or school was taking place in.

Our church family was amazing. Moms taking turns watching each others children at different times, handing off Sunday school duties, and scheduling awesome events for all of us to participate in!

Here in Norway the fellowship aspect doesn't seem to be as big of a part of the church experience as it can, and often is in the States.
And honestly, it's something I really, really miss.
There's never been a time I've attended services here in Norway where a single person has spoken to me or the Hubs before or after services. While the service itself is always nice, it definitely feels like something is missing...

Maybe it's me as a crazy Midwestern American...but I miss all the hugs, coffee/cookie fellowship hour after the service, and familiar, familial faces!

So this coming Sunday, after the Hubs leaves for his business trip, I'm going to try out a new church. They meet in an amazing coffee house in town, and have Sunday morning AND evening services. I'll be heading to the evening services since I work so late every Saturday, and the Hubs will be leaving for the airport early this Sunday too...

What I'm hoping for more than anything is a more familiar, personable worship experience! I really, REALLY miss makes me so excited to go to my family's church in Washington while we're visiting the States this Christmas!

So what were/are your church fellowship and family experiences?