Friday, October 28, 2011


That's right, my darling readers...I'm baaaaack!

Finally, after literally a month of waiting on the illusive internet installation dudes, they came the other day (and spent all of 5 minutes here!) and we're back online at the new house!

You know what that means, right?

Time to start bombarding you all with photos! I'm like a proud new mum with this house, so there will be no end of photos, trust me!

However, I also don't want to post photos of rooms that aren't really done irks me like that...

But aside from putting some hooks up on the wall, and finding some runner-rugs, our bedroom is finished, so here we go, folks!

The before of the Hub's and I's lovely bedroom...(with a HUGE built-in wardrobe!)
View from the door...

From the window...

Our big-ass wardrobe!

Puppies modelling the disgusting Ikea curvy mirror and stripey wallpaper that we had to work with. YUCK.


My side of the bed, complete with cute new purse, pink laptop pillow, and my collection of post-mortem portraits...

The Hub's side of the bed...check out those fancy matching nightstands...GROWN UPS, Y'ALL.

What do you all think of the lilac/gray color?

My favorite part of our bedroom; a wedding-present quilt handmade by my amazing Auntie. <3 The colors are INSANE and AWESOME, and the pattern is the traditional marriage/wedding ring pattern. I LOVE it on our wall because then I don't have to worry about it getting ruined from pets like I would if it was on the bed...and we can see it all the time! :D

The Dude modelling the mirror and hooks that will eventually get popped up on that little wall by the more gross Ikea mirror! Hooray!

Well, that's our humble sleeping abode, folks!

Once we find a few nice rugs that match the color of our walls well enough, and my darling Husband sets those hooks and the mirror up...we'll be at 100%!


Other than each room coming together, one-by-one, life here at the house in general is just great.
I think I can safely say that both the Hubs and I feel so much happier and less-stressed just in general.
There's no yelling going on on other floors of our house, cars/scooters zipping past our bedroom window at 3am, or teenagers slamming doors or stomping upstairs among other things...

Just him, and me...and the dogs chasing sheep along the fencelines of our property. :D

Once we're done with the big moving-type items (like painting, setting up furniture), I think we really will just be totally blissed out.

We're planning on a day-trip to Ikea on the 7th, and in two weeks the last couple pieces of furniture that we ordered should be arriving (the sofa, and kitchen table). Everything is really coming together. The first floor is totally finished with painting, and the second floor is slowly starting to see progress too...

Of course we're both working full time and trying to spend time with each other whenever we can too, and as much as we loving making the house into our home, I know we'll be excited when there aren't constant projects looming and to be done daily!

Anyway, I'm off to finish up some laundry, a little organizing, then dinner before my shift starts at the bar tonight.

Take care everyone, and I'll actually be able to be around again now that we're wired here at the house!

More rooms will get posted as they come together...completely that is. Bear with me!