Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Books, what?

Well I'm a let-down type blogger, now aren't I? Psh.

Since you little darlings have been so sweet to me since my triumphant return to the blogosphere following our move, I thought, 'hey, the library is pretty much done now, let's have another before-after installment!'

And so we will.

Ladies and gentlemen, I could not be more excited to share with you, my favorite room in our new house thus far, the place for all my beloved books, the library/home office...or as the Hubs calls it "Kirstin's room"...


From the doorway....we actually removed the door itself, as it opened INTO the hallway, was just weird and super inconvenient.

The built in shelves, that WERE also covered by battered white doors...

The room head-on. Look at that wallpaper! YUCK.

Right of the door...

The built in closet unit....

Daisy modelling the original, beautiful hardwood floors in the future library...

and After!

The new view from the door!

Those shelves are looking pretty sweet now, huh? I love my books SO much, y'all. <3

Awesome stack of coffee table type books, and some of my series of artist portraits that grace the walls...

The bookshelf that I've had since I was baby, now against the door-facing wall, where you can see a bit of hallway too! Also, in the bottom right corner is 'the book den'. There aren't any books on that level of the built-ins, but instead a comfy old animal print throw blanket...the dogs love to curl up in that little space and snore while I read or the Hubs gets some work done at the desk. The book den, get it? :D

The giant bookcase we just bought and set up, so that we would have some growing room! Also the only source of light in the room; the rice paper lamp, the closet space near the doorway, the magazine rack, and more portraits!

Our work corner, near the window!

Laptop, graphic novels/manga, original kewpie doll, and look, a diploma frame!

And there's our hallway...you can sneak a peek at the guestroom across the hall! It's coming together SO AMAZINGLY!
p.s. - Here's the view from the single window in the library. It's our front yard and some of the pastures that wrap around our property!

Well, there you have it, readers. Our library space.

What do you think of the transformation? The wall color I picked? The layout of our cozy little room?

Personally, I adore it. The only thing really missing is a funky, comfy area rug to warm it up a bit and help protect the amazing floors.

Thanks again for all the sweet comments and input that you all have been leaving on the blog lately. I LOVE reading them, and it's great to know what you all think!

So have a beautiful week, everyone...I'll be back around soon enough. Promise!

Next up in the before/afters series from our new house will probably be the dining room!