Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grown-ups have china cabinets, btw.

Well, I have HONESTLY and TRULY tried over the weekend to upload my super awesome video tour that I mentioned in my last post...but apparently, in addition to being super awesome, it's also the largest video file ever. So I'm still not quite sure how I'm going to share that with the world...I'll keep working on it, promise!
(But if you all have any ideas, with the exception of both youtube and vimeo, which I've already tried, share them!)

So to tide you all over and give you all another little peek at our humble abode that's beginning to come together, I give you....

*drumroll please*

Our china cabinet!

From the front, with the doors closed...also featured: doggy toy basket and magazine rack. LOL

With the doors open...

Close up of the left side of the top shelf...complete with pretty Christmasy glasses and matching carafe, super cute vintage-y 'water' and 'juice' bottles, and 1980-ORIGINAL MUPPET JUICE GLASS SET (aka - the pride of the cabinet...thanks Auntie Krista! <3).

Groovy 70's wine/water goblets, pitcher and juice glass set and chateau st. michelle wine glass

Close up on right side of second shelf down: my rad matryoska doll teacups, gilded Japanese rice bowls and blue cocoa mug set...

Left side of the second shelf down: the full set of coffee cups that match our dish set, with their creamer and sugar bowl...we inherited our dishes from my Mom who received them when she was married to my biological father, back in the 1970's. I'm all over it. :)

Close up of the third shelf down: our wedding album and the guest book my amazing Mom made for us for our wedding day. Awww, love.

The third shelf in its entirety...the Hubs is convinced that going through duty-free WITHOUT picking up booze is sinful. UGH.

Finally the bottom shelf, with some cute 'good morning' teapots, an agate mortar&pestle and bigger serving bowls and plates...and that's what our dishes look like too, btw!

The second shelf down again...

Close up of my AMAZING muppet glasses. :D

No really, grown-ups have china cabinets, folks. We're super adult. ;)

Since the dining room portion of our living space is essentially done, I'll be posting that in the next few days (the china cabinet is on the edge of the dining space)...so get fired up!

Hope you all are having an amazing week!